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iBasso DC02 vs Xduoo Link HD vs Meizu Hifi Pro - Headphone Amplifier Dongle

iBasso DC02 vs Xduoo Link HD vs Meizu Hifi Pro - Type C to 3.5mm Headphone Amplifier Dongle

IBasso DC02, Xduoo Link HD, and Meizu Hifi Pro, all launched in Autumn of 2019, are Type-c to 3.5mm headphone DAC amplifiers. Since there is a decoding chip built-in,  compared with ordinary mobile, only 16bit/48kHz audio can be decoded, while the DAC dongles support PCM decoding up to 32bit/384kHz, and Native DSD128 even 256, which can present more details, truly restore lossless tone quality and enjoy high-definition audio. 

Specifications iBasso DC 02 Meizu Audio Hifi Pro XDuoo LINK Hidizs S3
PRICE (USD) US$59.99 US$49.99 US$49.99 US$59.99
DAC Chip AK4490EQ CS43131 ES9118EC CS42L42
Input Type USB - C USB - C USB - C USB - C
Output Type 3.5mm 3.5mm 3.5mm 3.5mm
Output power: 900mW@32Ω 30mW dual channel @32Ω;
6.7mW dual channel @600Ω
32mW@32Ω /
Operating System supported Android, Windows,
Mac OS & Linux 
Android, Windows,
Mac OS 
Android, Windows 7/10,
Mac OS,  Linux
Android, Mac OS,
Win7 or earlier version, 
PCM  Up to 32bit/384kHz Up to 32bit/384kHz Up to 32bit/384kHz Up to 24bit/192kHz
DSD (Direct Stream Digital) Native DSD up to 256 Native DSD up to 128 Native DSD up to 256 /
Volume Control  No No Yes No
App Yes No No No
Bluetooth No No No No
Build-in Battery No No No No
Built-in Microphone No No No No
Signal To Noise Ratio / >120dB 115dB 115dB
Accessaries 1*DC02 1*USB C to US A adapter 1*DAC 1*DAC 1*DC02 1*USB C to US A adapter
Cable 8-wire braided hi-res cable / / 4 strand silver plated oxygen free copper cable 
Dual ultra low noise LDOs  / / /
Weight  11g 4g 15g 8g


Main Different points between iBasso DC02/ Xduoo Link HD /Meizu Hifi Pro 

1. Connector

USB A Male ( adapter ) as an addition to DC02. 

USB C Male only for Xduoo Link HD and Meizu Hifi Pro

2. Control

Volume +/-, Play/Pause key on Xduoo Link HD, but there isn't any button on DC02 and Meizu Hifi Pro

3. Output load

Xduoo Link HD and Mezi Hifi Pro output up to around 30mW  while DC 02 output load up to  900mW

4. Different DAC chips

iBasso DC02:  AK4490EQ

Meizu Hifi Pro: CS43131

Sampling rates supported:  384 kHz 32-bit (PCM)  Native DSD up to 128. 

Xduoo Link HD: ES9118EC  

Above two sampling rate supported:  384 kHz 32-bit (PCM)  DSD64 / DSD128 /DSD256 



SNR is defined as the ratio of signal power to the noise power, often expressed in decibels. A ratio higher than 1:1 (greater than 0 dB) indicates more signal than noise.

iBasso DC02:  /

Xduoo Link HD: 115dB

Meizu Hifi Pro: 120dB


Here is an  APP for DC02 UAC volume control but no APP for Xduoo Link HD and Meizu Hifi Pro. 

7. Price 

iBasso DC02:  US$59.99  Here more details

Xduoo Link HD: US$49.99 Here more details

Meizu Hifi Pro: US$49.99 Here more details

Meizu Hifi Pro DAC Amplifier Teardown | Hifigo

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antoine amanieux - May 21, 2020

the information i found on the internet is 25mW for ibasso dc02 and 100mW for meizu pro

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