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Meizu HiFi Audio Pro type-c to 3.5mm DAC decoding Headphone Amplifier Adapter Launched Today

Meizu HiFi Audio Pro type-c to 3.5mm DAC decoding Headphone Amplifier Adapter Launched Today

Meizu presents three new products on the press conference of 28th, August and one of them is Hifi audio pro DAC amplifier besides Meizu 16S cellphone and Meizu UR earphone. Formal sale of Hifi audio pro DAC will start at 10 o'clock of 31th, August officially.  

The Meizu Audio Hifi pro is for audiophiles who want to use a new generation smartphone (without hardware analog output) as a high fidelity audio source compact & portable. With its exceptional weight of 4 grams and its advantageous dimensions, it will be the ideal partner for lovers of high-quality music on the move.
Meizu HiFi Audio Pro
The idea is to go through an external decoding circuit with respect to the phone to permanently circumvent problems related to the gradual withdrawal of DAC chips. This approach will also be very relevant with previous smartphones with a rudimentary and inadequate DAC circuit to a high-resolution listening.

Cirrus Logic CS43131

The interface Hifi pro operates for this purpose a chip DAC CS43131 32bit capable of decoding up to 384kHz audio stream (PCM) and DSD128 natively. It embeds technology Velvet Sound able to reconstruct with surprising clarity audio signals - including low - while offering a natural reproduction through a high bandwidth.

This component is known for its first-class audio performance and meets regularly with the devices known as High Fidelity.

Headphone amplifier

Meizu Hifi audio pro with build-in power amplifier Texas OPA 1622 and 16-600Ω self-adaptive high load impedance range provides a sufficient reserve of power essentially helmets built for mobile use and semi-nomadic.

The DAC circuit and the headphone amplifier circuit to reach an extremely low THD of 0.0003 %.

Compatible PC

Far from being limited to only smartphones and tablets, the Meizu HiFi audio pro also works as a decoder for vary due to device system or hardware such as turning computers on a Windows operating system, Linux or Mac.

It comes to this effect if you use a USB-C female adapter to USB A male to offer fast connectivity solution with multiple types of sources.

The interface will be able to perform a function of DAC/amplifier nomadic helmet company smartphone, then join a desktop computer to enjoy an audio playback quality throughout the day.


  • MEIZU HIFI Audio pro DAC Headphone Amplifier (Black) (1 pc)
  • Cirrus Logic CS43131 high-performance independent DAC decode chip
  • 32bit/384kHz PCM decoding output
  • Texas OPA 1622 Amplifier with 16-600Ω high impedance range thrust
  • Type-C interface
  • Compatible with Android, Windows, Mac OS systems
  • 4 g
  • No built-in microphone. Support most wire headphones with Mic and Remote.
  • No built-in battery. Power from USB interface, with low power consumption. Actual power consumption is related to the way of use and mobile phone model.  


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