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Hybrid Drivers In-ear Monitors!!!

Hybrid Drivers In-ear Monitors!!!

Whenever we check over the internet today for new earphones, specifically in-ear monitors we get to see a lot of products with different types of driver units, some have Multiple Balanced Armature Driver Units, some have Dynamic Driver Units, Some are loaded with Electrostatic drivers, and some are equipped with a mixture of two or more driver types in a single earpiece, and that’s what we call a hybrid driver unit. And today we are going to discuss first what is a hybrid driver unit and how does it work and later we will also discuss some of the best hybrid driver in-ear monitors currently available in the market.

What is a Hybrid Driver Unit?

While checking out new in-ear monitors we usually come through the term Hybrid Driver Units, and sometimes we just get confused like what exactly is a hybrid driver unit, we have Balanced Armature Drivers, we have moving coil Dynamic Drivers, We have Electrostatic drivers as the latest technology in in-ear monitors, and a hybrid driver unit is just more than one type of driver working in your beloved in-ear monitors to provide you with unmatched sound output. Hybrid driver units include BA’s, Dynamic Drivers, and more in a single earpiece. For example, QDC Uranus a 220$ IEM that has a dual driver hybrid driver unit each side including a Dynamic driver and a Balanced Armature driver unit.

Why Do We Need Hybrid Driver Units?

Usually, single drivers have their own limitations, like single dynamic driver units usually give a frequency response range of 20Hz-20kHz that too can give sibilance at louder volumes, single balanced armature units also can’t cover large frequency response ranges so they are usually paired with more ba driver units, also BA’s don’t give that deep and thumpy bass that we get from a Dynamic Driver unit.  In hybrid driver setups multiple drivers are tuned to provide an unmatched sound output with utmost clarity like letting a DD unit to handle the lower end, and adding either a single or multiple units of BA’s to cover the Mids and Highs and similarly, we are also getting new products with DD paired with BA and Electrostatic drivers too.

What Drawbacks Hybrid Drivers Face?

First of all the basic issue that is there in Hybrid driver units is fitting multiple drivers in a small in-ear monitor unit while keeping the unit lightweight and providing it an ergonomic design so that it fits well too and is comfortable too. The second and most common issue with hybrid driver units is the tuning procedure, as there are multiple kinds of driver units that work together so there should be no distortion between different driver units, no frequency response overlapping like DD bass getting bloated and affecting mids and treble response by other drivers, so tuning needs much precision and training, and thankfully brands like Kinera, DUNU, Moondrop have now nailed the art of tuning different earphones that the latest Hybrid Unit earphones are tuned perfectly and offers a brilliant unmatched sound quality output.

So now we all know about Hybrid Driver Units, now let us tell you some basic information about some of the best hybrid driver unit in-ear monitors available in the market.

Kinera Nanna:-

Kinera Nanna

We have been seeing a lot of BA and DD hybrid driver units in the market but Kinera released a flagship-grade IEM with a four-driver hybrid unit consisting of one 7mm dynamic driver, one balanced armature, and two electrostatic driver units working together to provide its users with a reference studio-level sound output with utmost clarity and details, not only this pair sound brilliant it also looks amazing and a piece of jewelry, you can get this pair at just 900$ from our store here.

DUNU DK-3001 Pro:-

Dunu DK-3001 Pro

If you ask me about some of the best pair of in-ear monitors below 500$ price range, I will always suggest you go for the Dunu Dk-3001 Pro for its unmatched balanced sound output, it has got a five driver hybrid setup consisting of four Knowles Balanced Armature units and one 13mm large Beryllium Dynamic Driver unit. The pair has 316L stainless steel housing and provides its users with a relaxed sound output that has a properly balanced sound signature. You can buy this pair for just 469$ from our store here.

Moondrop Blessing 2:-

Moondrop Blessing 2

Moondrop Blessing 2 again features a five driver hybrid setup here with one DD unit working together flawlessly with four BA drivers, and provides its users with a natural sound quality output with crisp vocals, the pair looks brilliant with transparent ear shells where you can see the precise craftsmanship of trained crafters at Moondrop with their precise placements of driver units. The pair is currently priced at 320$ which you can buy from our store here.

Shozy Form 1.4:-

Shozy Form 1.4

Who says good sounding pair of earphones are always heavy on the pocket, Shozy offers us a five driver hybrid unit in-ear monitor with a single DD unit and four BA units that work together and provide us with a detailed sound quality output with detailed vocals and crisp instrument details with a medical-grade resin shell design with imported wooden faceplate pattern making each earpiece unique, you can buy this amazing sounding pair at just 200$ from our store here.

We really hope we are able to provide you good information about hybrid driver units, and would really love to hear your thoughts about the same with you, feel free to contact us on our Facebook page or at support@hifigo.com if you have more questions and queries.




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