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How To Install & Setup Apple Music Lossless On A Digital Audio Player!!

How To Install & Setup Apple Music Lossless On A Digital Audio Player!!

A few months back, Apple brought the biggest update to its Apple Music Application on both Portable as well as desktop systems(Windows/MAC). They started streaming CD-Quality and Hi-Res Lossless Audio bringing audio lovers and audiophiles a taste of top-quality audio with no price change in their plans. Apple Music has one of the widest lossless music collections that is easily accessible for subscribers with Hi-Res ALAC up to 24-Bit/192kHz streaming quality. Today, Most Digital Audio Players have got Android systems with support for streaming applications such as Apple Music, Tidal, Spotify, and more. With the release of Apple Music Lossless, the portable audio scene is sorted now. One doesn’t have to download and keep Flac’s or any other Hi-Res files as Apple Music already supports Hi-Res Lossless audio streaming and subscribers can also download their favorite songs on the Apple Music application and keep them for offline listening(Via the app only). Since our DAPs are equipped with high-quality decoding chips(we know them as DACs), they help in decoding Hi-Res Lossless audio signals the best and deliver an Authentic Hi-Res experience for the users. We have curated this blog for people who are new to the Digital Audio Players, who are having trouble in installing and setting up Apple Music on their DAPs. So without wasting any more time, Let’s begin.

How To Setup Apple Music-1

First off, you need to have an Android DAP with Google Playstore installed on it, for example, FiiO M11 Plus, iBasso DX240, Shanling M3X, HiBy R5s, HiBy RS6, Cayin N8ii, and more. After that it is just simple, just follow the steps in the images below.

How To Install Apple Music In Android DAP:-

>First off, open Google Play Store and log in to your google account. Now search the Apple Music application after clicking on the Search icon.

How To Setup Apple Music-2

>Apple Music will be shown as the first option. Open the Application page and click on Install.

How To Setup Apple Music-3

>It will only take a few minutes depending on your Internet speed and it will download and install Apple Music on your Digital Audio Player.

How To Setup Apple Music-4

>Simply agree to the terms and conditions here and click on Continue. Now log in to your Apple Music account. If you don’t have an active subscription it will ask you to choose a plan and choose your preferred payment option. For new users, there is usually a scheme for one to three weeks of free Apple Music(Depending on the Apple Music scheme).

How To Setup Apple Music-5

Now you have got the Apple Music Installed and logged in. It’s time to set up Lossless audio playback within the Apple Music application.

How To Setup Lossless Audio On Apple Music:-

>Once logged in to Apple Music, you will see the home screen like the one shown above.

How To Setup Apple Music-5

>Click on the three dots at the top-right corner of the screen.

>Go To Settings.

How To Setup Apple Music-6

>Click on Audio Quality.

>Enable Lossless Audio.

How To Setup Apple Music-7

>Click on Wi-Fi Streaming, choose Hi-Res Lossless. Similarly, Choose Hi-Res Lossless under Cellular Streaming too(Though on DAP we use only Wi-FI Streaming).

>Also choose the same Hi-Res Lossless under Downloads. Now, whenever you download Music on the Apple Music application it will automatically choose the best quality available for download.

How To Setup Apple Music-8

Now you have enabled Apple Music Lossless on your Digital Audio Player. Start listening to your favorite music in quality like never before. We hope this guide solves your trouble in installing and setting up Apple Music Lossless on your newly-acquired DAP. For any questions and queries, feel free to write to us at Support@hifigo.com. 

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