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How To Choose IEMs From Moondrop: Moondrop Buying Guide 2022

How To Choose IEMs From Moondrop: Moondrop Buying Guide 2022

Started back in 2015, Moondrop came into the HiFi audio world as a small studio created by hobbyist engineers. Today, they have become a famous name among audiophiles primarily known for their excellent collection of in-ear monitors. Moondrop actually has a huge variety of IEMs available across the price segments. Whether you are a beginner looking for a 20-30$ set or an experienced audiophile looking for a mid-fi or TOTL level pair, Moondrop has something for you. Moondrop has its own design, development, and manufacturing line. They have spread their wings in different types of drivers for their IEMs, from single dynamic drivers to multi-BA sets, and even some with hybrid driver configurations, Moondrop covers most drivers with its huge catalog of products. Many Moondrop products have also brought home some awards including famous models such as the Moondrop Aria, Moondrop Kato, Moondrop Variations, etc. With its huge catalog, people often get confused about which one to go for.

How To Choose Moondrop IEMs-1

So, today with this guide, we are gonna help you out with deciding your next purchase of IEMs specifically from Moondrop. Let’s begin with some factors that help us decide on our next purchase.

Let’s Decide On The Budget First:-

The first thing you need to decide for your next HiFi audio gear should always be your budget. This applies to everything whether you are in the market for a set of in-ear monitors or a DAC or anything else. Not only Moondrop but almost every other brand offers a wide variety of products spread across different price brackets. Discussing Moondrop here, We have the Moondrop Quarks for just 12.99$ followed by many more models including Chu, Aria, Kato, Variations, S8, and then we reach the top cream with the flagship Solis priced at 1099.99$. So you can see Moondrop offers a huge range, they cover different price segments, under 20$, under 100$, under 200$, under 500$, and so on. Once you decide on your budget, it becomes a little easy to decide.

How To Choose Moondrop IEMs-2

Tuning & Sound Signature:-

How about an IEM that doesn’t match your preferred signature? Not good right? That’s why always see some graphs, read some reviews, and discuss within the community to get an idea about the tuning and sound signature before pulling the plug on any IEMs. The best part about IEMs from Moondrop is that most of their products follow the VDSF target response curve. The VDSF target response is a parametric target where sound quality is controlled by composite elements. It ensures the pairs deliver a true high-resolution output with an open, spacious soundstage. It's similar to the Harman Tuning Curve which is proven to be as natural as possible for headphones.

Different Driver Configuration:-

After using a particular driver configuration, one might feel like exploring different driver types, or one might simply want to create a collection of products with different driver configurations. Among their collection, Moondrop has featured different driver configurations including single-dd(Dynamic Driver), multi-BA(Balanced Armatures), and Hybrids(two or more different driver types in a single set). Moondrop Chu, Aria, Kato, and Illumination are just some of their single DD sets, S8 is their flagship multi-BA pair, and Moondrop Variations and Solis are the multi-driver hybrid sets currently available worldwide. Each driver delivers its own touch to the output, we suggest you should try them all to get different experiences.

How To Choose Moondrop IEMs-3

Ear Shell Material:-

Moondrop creates its IEMs using two different material types. First is the high-quality skin-friendly Resin material usually used for famous models such as the Moondrop S8, Moondrop Solis, etc. S8 here has got a transparent cavity displaying the fine craftsmanship of Moondrop. The second material will be high-quality metallic alloys. Moondrop uses high-quality CNC machined metallic cavities on its famous models including the  Moondrop Kato, Aria, and even the flagship single DD Moondrop Illumination. If you ask us, Moondrop’s IEMs are simply one of the finest made IEMs in the market.

Shape & Design:-

Most IEMs in the market today have a custom-build-like ergonomic form factor. Moondrop has done an in-depth study on huge ear canal data to design an ergonomic form factor for its IEMs. If you check out the Kato, Chu, Aria, Illumination, and Solis, all these have got a lightweight and ergonomic shape that contributes to achieving a comfortable wearing experience. Even the multi-driver hybrid Moondrop Variations have got a precisely designed shell structure that helps in achieving a comfortable fit. Apart from this ergonomically shaped design, Moondrop also offers bullet-shaped shells with the entry-level Moondrop Quarks. Don’t worry on the design front, Moondrop makes sure you get a rich in-hand and wearing experience with a premium finish on its products.

How To Choose Moondrop IEMs-4

Well, these are the primary factors that will help you finalize your next IEM purchase specifically from Moondrop. Now, let’s move forward and have a look at the current top-selling IEMs in Moondrop’s lineup.

Moondrop Chu:-

Price: 19.99$.

Talk of the town is the latest Moondrop Chu. It is being recommended by users and audio bloggers as one of the finest sounding set under 20$. For just 20$, the Moondrop Chu included their recently launched Moondrop Spring premium Silicone ear tips. Chu has won the hearts of many audiophiles, we are pretty sure it will find a place in your heart too!!

Moondrop Kato:-

Price: 189.99$.

Kato is a brilliant single dynamic driver set of in-ear monitors from Moondrop. Ever since its release, the Kato has grabbed a lot of positive feedback for its outstanding acoustic performance, supreme CNC machined metallic build and high-quality cable. Kato uses Moondrop’s newly-developed ULT Super Linear Dynamic Driver. It also has a swappable ear nozzle for a different sound experience. Kato gives a good taste of mid-fi level single-dynamic driver experience, be sure to check it out!!

Moondrop Variations:-

Price: 520$.

Love a hybrid configuration? Moondrop has got just the right setup here with the Variations. Moondrop Variations comes with a five-driver configuration housing 2 highly resolving EST drivers with 2 high-performance Balanced Armatures and a powerful dynamic driver unit. Variations has been recommended by many audiophiles as one of the best IEMs around the 500$ price bracket. Moondrop Variations uses medical-grade 3D printed resin cavities with sand-blasted stainless steel face panels, it looks quite elegant and classy. We have tested the Moondrop Variations personally and found it to be one of the finest IEMs in their price range!!!

Moondrop S8:-

Price: 699.99$.

S8 has been leading the range of premium Multi-BA IEMs by Moondrop. It houses an 8-BA driver configuration on each side. Moondrop has treated the pair with high-quality skin-friendly resin cavities. The S8 is a premium set with handmade ear shells and professional tuning adjustments. If you are looking for a multi-BA set with exceptional high-end performance, Your search might end with the outstanding Moondrop S8!!

Final Words:-

With its huge catalog of products, Moondrop offers a wide range of premium in-ear monitors available at different price points. Ever since their debut, Moondrop has got so many awards for its excellent IEMs. Be sure you drop by here and check the entire collection of Moondrop available at the best prices online only at our store.

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