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A Comprehensive Look At Dynamic Driver IEMs

A Comprehensive Look At Dynamic Driver IEMs

One of the most important components responsible for sound reproduction is the driver. And dynamic drivers are one of the most common types of drivers. If you enjoyed the music on a speaker, headphones, or IEMs, you have probably listened to the sound produced by a dynamic driver. In this article, we will dive into dynamic drivers, explaining how they work and why they are so popular.

How do Dynamic Drivers Work?

Dynamic drivers consist of a diaphragm, voice coil, and magnet. The diaphragm is a thin membrane.  The voice coil is a wire that is attached to a diaphragm (usually made of paper or plastic), wrapped around a cylinder, and placed inside a magnetic field. When an audio signal is sent through the wire, it creates a magnetic field that interacts with the field of the magnet, causing the voice coil and diaphragm to vibrate rapidly back and forth, creating sound waves that travel through the air and into our ears.

In simple terms, the electrical signal from your amplifier travels through the wire wrapped around a magnet and creates a magnetic field that pushes the lightweight diaphragm back and forth, creating audible sound waves.

The magnet is placed behind the voice coil and creates a magnetic field that interacts with the current passing through the voice coil. As the current changes direction rapidly, it creates a corresponding movement in the voice coil, which in turn moves the diaphragm.

Dynamic drivers are commonly used in earphones due to their cost-effectiveness and efficiency. Here are some advantages and drawbacks of dynamic drivers.

DUNU Kima Classic-Dynamic Driver

Advantages of Dynamic Drivers

  1. One of the main advantages of dynamic drivers is their affordability. Compared to other driver types such as balanced armature or planar magnetic, dynamic drivers are generally less expensive to manufacture which makes them a favored choice for manufacturers and an affordable choice for many consumers.
  2. Another benefit of dynamic drivers is their ability to produce a wide range of frequencies. Due to the nature of their design, dynamic drivers can typically handle low, mid, and high frequencies.  
  3. Easier implementation:  Due to their wide range,  many IEMs rely on one dynamic driver,  making it easier to implement and tune by many manufacturers
  4. Good bass production:Due to the design of the driver, dynamic drivers are capable of producing powerful bass frequencies that are well-suited for genres like rock, hip-hop, and electronic music. Listen to Rinko by SeeAudio x Z Reviews if you want to experience for yourself an affordable IEM that produces bass better than many IEMs that cost 5 times more.

SeeAudio Rinko - Dynamic Driver

Drawbacks of Dynamic Drivers

  1. Despite their many advantages, dynamic drivers do have some drawbacks. One of the biggest disadvantages is the size of the driver. Since dynamic drivers require a relatively large amount of space to operate properly, they can make earphones bulkier and heavier than other driver types.
  2. Less isolation:  Because of the movement of the diaphragm,  the dynamic driver needs space to perform at optimal levels.  So many IEMs have a vent or a hole in the earpiece which unfortunately lowers the isolation.
  1. Another issue with dynamic drivers is their performance at high volumes. When pushed to their limits, dynamic drivers can begin to distort and produce unwanted noise. You have probably heard this distortion or crackling sound before if you have listened at a loud volume. This means that they may not be the best choice for loud environments or for those who prefer to listen to music at high volumes.
  1. High impedance: Dynamic drivers typically have a higher impedance than other types of drivers, which can make them less efficient when connected to low-power devices like smartphones or portable media players
  2. Less accurate sound: Compared to planar balanced armature drivers, dynamic drivers may produce less detailed and accurate sound, particularly in the treble or higher frequencies.
  3. Resonances:  Unfortunately the movement of the diaphragm that creates the bass many of us love sometimes produces resonance.  

AFUL Performer8-Dynamic Driver

Dynamic Driver IEMs

These drawbacks led manufacturers to improve the common design of the dynamic driver. For example, FiiO used beryllium-coated diaphragm in their FD5 and FD7 IEMs. Beryllium’s special combination of high stiffness, lightweight, and high damping lead to faster movement,  lower distortion, and better high-frequency reproduction.  

Other brands have found other ways for improving the sound quality of the dynamic driver.  For example, The Blessing 3 by Moondrop relies on two horizontally opposed drivers to achieve lower distortion.

Rinko is a dual-driver IEM composed of one dynamic and one planar driver. The Performer 8 by AFUL uses one dynamic and seven BA drivers.


Overall, dynamic drivers are a reliable and affordable option for earphone manufacturers. They offer a wide range of frequencies and are capable of producing deep bass, and full sound. However, they do have some drawbacks, including their size and potential for distortion at high volumes. When shopping for IEMs, it’s important to consider these factors to find a pair that suits your needs and preferences.

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