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Understanding Balanced Armature Drivers

Understanding Balanced Armature Drivers

A balanced armature driver (BA for short) is a common type of driver often found in IEMs. But how does it work, and what does it offer over other types of drivers? Today, we will attempt to answer some of these questions. So, without further ado, let's delve right in.

SoftEars Studio4-BA Drivers

What is A Balanced Armature?

Some people find the term "armature" confusing, and rightly so.

What is an armature anyway? A coil of wire.
Why is it called balanced?
Because the armature is suspended between two magnets.
The way it works is simple. When an electrical signal from your player or amplifier is sent through the wire coil, the armature vibrates, producing sound waves.
So what makes it special?
Size, sound, and efficiency.
The design of the balanced armature driver allows for very precise control over the movement of the armature, which can result in highly accurate and detailed sound reproduction. This is precisely why balanced armature drivers are commonly used in in-ear monitors and hearing aids due to their small size and efficient operation.
Is a balanced armature driver better than a dynamic one?
Not necessarily. Both have their strengths and weaknesses.
Balanced armature drivers are known for their accurate and detailed sound reproduction. They also tend to be smaller in size and more efficient than dynamic drivers, which makes them ideal for use in in-ear monitors.
On the other hand, dynamic drivers are generally better at reproducing low-frequency sounds such as bass, and some people prefer their timbre.

SeeAudio Bravery RB Edition

Advantages of Balanced Armature Drivers

Detailed sound reproduction: This means that they can reproduce subtle nuances in music that may be missed by other types of drivers.
Efficiency: Balanced armature drivers are more efficient than other types of drivers, which means they require less power to produce the same volume. More efficiency means longer battery life for portable devices.
Size & Comfort: Balanced armature drivers are typically smaller and lighter than other types of drivers, making them ideal for use in in-ear monitors. Their small size also allows for a more comfortable fit in the ear canal, reducing the likelihood of fatigue or discomfort during extended listening sessions.
Noise isolation: Without a vent, BA IEMs can block out more external sounds. Less noise means more room for music.
Customization: Balanced armature drivers can be tailored to specific frequency ranges, which
allows for greater customization and tuning of the sound signature.
While balanced armature drivers have many advantages, they tend to have a few drawbacks.

DUNU SA6 MK2-BA Drivers

Disadvantages of Balanced Armature Drivers

Bass: Because of their design, balanced armature drivers tend to be less effective than dynamic drivers at reproducing low-frequency sounds such as bass. But it is not a rule, and technology has come a long way. For example: Check out all BA SA6 MKII from Dunu and see if you could differentiate it from a dynamic.
Cost: High-quality balanced armature drivers can be more expensive than other types of drivers, especially when 4 or more are used for each earpiece.which leads us to the next point.
Number: A BA driver reproduces specific frequencies only, requiring the use of multiple drivers for every IEM. But balancing the different frequency ranges is more challenging
with balanced armature drivers due to their smaller size and limitations in the number of drivers that can be used in a single IEM.
Pressure: For pure BA IEMs, due to the absence of a vent, some people may feel pressure after a few hours of use and have to take them out of their ear for a minute.

Elysian Acoustic Labs DIVA 2023


For In-ear monitor use, balanced armature drivers have a lot to offer. They are accurate, small, efficient, customizable, and noise-isolating. This makes them suited for applications where precise sound reproduction for long hours is desired.  Which makes them ideal for musicians, audio engineers, and audiophiles.

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