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Shipping will resume Sep. 22th for all orders placed from Sep.19th. Customer service will still be available in case you ever need help.
Shipping will resume Sep. 22th for all orders placed from Sep.19th. Customer service will still be available in case you ever need help.

Soundaware MR1 Audio Portable Lossless MP3 Music Player Full Balanced FPGA

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by HiFiGo
SKU H000420


  • MR1 is a portable, desktop function. It can use in the desktop, portable, car, home HI-FI system and other scenes, with high-fidelity Bluetooth, headphone amp energy pump and other unique features of the mobile flagship full-balanced network player , devoted to the enjoyment of six years of dedicated and tireless efforts.
  • Mobile Reference One Desktop flagship webcast and reference portable integration
Full scene application
  • As a portable network mobile player, can be controlled by the mobile app
  • Open high-performance mode, drive effect like desktop player.
  • USB external power supply, uninterrupted use
USB DAC, connected to the desktop PC-HIFI system
  • Connect the home speaker system to use
  • A variety of options, controlled by the phone or tablet
  • As a car audio source, you can use mobile phone to control: MR1 3.5mm OUT → AUX IN
A variety of interfaces in all kinds of scenes
  • 1. Supports XLR (based on SAW_Link) and 3.5mm to RAC line out output
  • 2. Supports coaxial and high-end native balanced IIS & DSD digital output based on Saw_Link
  • 3. Supports single-ended and full-balanced, two power modes, 2 * 3 gain amp mode (coaxial / linear output + docking)
  • 4. Support for PCM & DSD based on XMOS USB DAC playback
  • 5. Support dual TF card (each 200G) and universal USB charging, copy music files
Variety of control methods, rich wireless applications
  • Soundaware FPGA independent clock HI-FI level Bluetooth playback .
  • Support mobile phone, tablet control APP playback in WIFI mode, and optimize HIFI performance based on Apple's AirPlay.
Flagship sound quality and positioning
  • The reference products in the mobile series of Soundaware sound
  • Digital and analog are both over one generation than Soundaware existing flagship player.

  • Using the top COG material
  • Using a unified clock, all related modules are processed by the FPGA
  • The better ultra-high precision femtosecond clock than the D100 PRO femtosecond
  • The new FPGA algorithm, lower latency, especially the output IO jitter lower 9/10 than the D100 Pro
  • Using the clock, FPGA algorithms and optimization experience of Soundaware sound next generation referenced turntables
  • A substantial increase in the level of digital output, as well as Bluetooth
  • XMOS uses a globally unified, more accurate femtosecond clock
  • The use of innovative professional instrument-level mono mode dual DA
  • Heap symmetrical full-balanced DC decoding and headphone amplification system
  • Regardless of the indicators or performance have reached the top limits of the chip
  • Exclusive ultra-low distortion, physically adjustable output power full-balanced headphone amplifier circuit
  • 16-300 oh load, distortion + noise are 0.0008x%
Like the desktop player, true native DSD and PCM playback
  • Support the amp, pure lineout and pure digital 3 kinds of independent output modes
  • 2 * 3 kinds of gain mode
  • It has high-end desktop player full-balanced XLR and full-balanced native IIS & DSD digital output.
More unique technology
  • MR1 unique SAW_Link expansion interface, only need a cable.
  • You can achieve balanced XLR and IIS & DSD digital output
  • Fully integrated with high-end desktop, desktop machine system
  • Reach the reference level of the digital, analog output level
  • Using the same higher precision femtosecond clock based on FPGA and participating turntables
  • Exclusive HI-FI-class Bluetooth digital processing, support APTX and other Bluetooth standards
  • Based on Apple AirPlay optimization, lossless level of transmission
  • Discard AirPlay's default data shift volume control
  • Using the Apple’s mouse volume design and MR1 volume control synchronization
  • Greatly guarantee the data integrity and HI-FI level sound quality
Using six-layer thicker PCB design
  • Strict professional audio, RF, high-speed lining principle
  • Strict ground segmentation and return control
  • The simulation and the key audio use a two-layer complete ground
  • Various modes can play the application of the playback level
  • Foxconn cooperated factory processing, the shell is used fully aerospace aluminum high-precision CNC technology to build
  • Other parts of the whole high-precision molds, with really first-class workmanship and quality
  • Professional electronic product designer's design, with expression and speed
Extensive custom accessories and the battery can be replaced
  • Based on M1Pro firmware optimization, increase the same frequency seamless and more experience optimization
Accessories expansion pack:
  • Expansion box
  • SAW-Link Analog cable
  • SAW-Link Digital cable
  • 4 core 3.5mm  to 4 core full balanced XLR cable
  • 4 core 3.5mm to coaxial cable
  • Leather case


  • Material: aviation aluminum
  • Size: 144mm * 72mm * 16mm
  • Weight: 240g
  • Display: Sharp IPS2.4 inches 400 * 360
  • Filter mode: fast roll-off / slow roll-off (different sound style)
  • Support channel: two channels
  • Dynamic ratio (XLR line): 113db
  • Background noise (XLR line): <135db
Digital output:
  • Differential IIS & DSD native output based on SAW_Link
  • (Compatible with 2.5 ~ 3.3V)
  • 0.5V p-p coaxial PCM & DSD (Dop) output
Line output:
  • Full Balance XLR: 2.6VRMS based on SAW_Link (THD + N: 0.00051% 20hz ~ 22khz 1khz 24bit, 48khz)
  • Based on 3.5 Line out output: 1.3VRMS (THD + N: 0.00075% 20hz ~ 22khz 1khz 24bit, 48khz)
Playback time (turn off the WIFI, turn off the display)
  • 1. Earphone output connected to earphone
  • Normal mode use: 10 hours
  • 2. Headphone output connected to HD600 full balanced playback time
  • (44.1kz wav, HD600 full balanced normal listening volume)
  • Normal power consumption: 8.5 hours, High performance mode: around 7 hours
  • 3. Turntable mode: 24 hours
  • 4. Lineout mode: between the normal power consumption and turntable mode
Charge time (2A): 3-4hours (Shut down)
  • Support capacity: 200G (measured) * 2, support FAT32, exact, NTFS
  • Bluetooth: support APTX and CSR current latest standards
  • USB DAC: 192 kHz & DSD64
Support format:
  • DSD: Supports DSD64 (ISO, DSF, DFF), does not support DST encoding
  • WAV: 32 KHZ ~ 192KHZ
  • FLAC: 32 KHZ ~ 192KHZ, compression level 1 ~ 8
  • APE: 32 KHZ ~ 48KHZ, compression levels: lower than Extra High
  • ALAC: ≤48KHZ
  • AIFF: ≤48KHZ, conventional compression
  • AAC: ≤48KHZ, conventional compression
  • MP3: ≤48KHZ, conventional compression
  • Support ISO, CUE
  • Note: The above format only supports stereo music, 16 ~ 32bit (32bit only supports integer)
  • Later will add the same frequency seamless playback, and according to the needs to add other formats.


  • MR1
  • USB cable
  • 32G TF card
  • Protector

1-MR1 illustration by lesley2-MR1 illustration by lesley3-MR1 illustration by lesley   4-MR1-illustration by lesley



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