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Musiland MU2 3.5mm to TYPE-C DSD Decoding HiFi Headphone Amplifier for Mobile Phone

MU2 is the upgrade version of MU1 .



Incorporating the aesthetic elements of fashion

DSD 32bit/384kHzdecoding Random phase jitter below 2 picoseconds

Connector and operation

TYPE-C USB can be connected to mobile phones, tablets, computers, etc.

Hardware volume adjustment button, volume can be saved

Three-level analog amplification gain adjustment

PCM and DSD two working modes

LED lighting: PCM modes

LED stop flashing: DSD modes

3.5mm universal socket, can be connected to a variety of headphones, speakers


Musiland Audio labs

Customized enhanced version CS43130

SuperDSP230 main controller

SuperCLK100 clock manager

TYPE-C connector


MU1 Length: 15.4cm

MU2 Length: 12.7cm

USB2.0 connector, standard UAC2.0 Audio modes

SuperCLK100, 44.1/48 Multiple precision dual audio clock

Earphone Output Power:2x80mW/32Ω

Earphone output transient current up to 300mA

Support DSD64 and DSD128 hardware decoding

Three-level analog amplification gain adjustment:.0.5v 1v 1.4v RMS

Wide and smooth sound quality

Highly integrated SuperDSP230 Audio controller

Up to 130dB DNR and SNR

Can drive 300ohm headphones

Intelligent impedance adaptation, support 1.4V RM5 line output

Synchronization technology, synchronous playback, Lossless sound quality SRC

Support 16, 24, 32Bit, 44.1, 48, 88.2, 96, 176.4, 192, 352.8, 384kHz

All specification audio, power consumption is less than 100mA

MUSILAND customized version CS43130M, THD less than -120dB(0.0001%), stereo resolution full band more than 110dB

Attached adapter, can be used in computers


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