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DC01/DC02 August Firmware Update

iBasso DC01/DC02 Windows OS DAC Driver

A New generation AKM4493 Premium 32-bit Stereo DAC with VELVET SOUND™ the system settings.
Support of PCM up to 32bit/384kHz.
Support of Native DSD up to and including 256x.
True balanced amplifier with 3.5mm single-ended output port
Works as a USB-DAC for Android smartphones & tablets, Mac, Windows, & Linux computers.
Type-C connector for better compatibility with Android smartphones & tablets.
Dual ultra-low noise LDOs to ensure a high-performance audio.
4-wire braided audiophile cable.

AKM AK4490 DAC Chip

The interface DC02 operates for this purpose a chip DAC AKM AK4490EQ 32bit capable of decoding up to 384kHz audio stream (PCM) and DSD256 natively. It embeds technology Velvet Sound able to reconstruct with surprising clarity audio signals - including low - while offering a natural reproduction through a high bandwidth.

Headphone AMP

In additional AKM AK4490 chip, the DC02 portable iBasso includes a second chip headphone amplifier.
The latter can 32Ω driver loads up with an output level of 900mV. Is a sufficient reserve of power essentially helmets built for mobile use and semi-nomadic.
The DAC circuit and the headphone amplifier circuit to reach an extremely low THD of 0.001% (measured at full load 32Ω 0.9Vrms)

Compatible PC

Not only smartphones and tablets, but also the DC02 can works as a decoder for turning computers on a Windows operating system, Linux or Mac.
It comes to this effect with its USB-C female adapter to USB A male to offer fast connectivity solution with multiple types of sources.
The interface will be able to perform a function of DAC / amplifier nomadic helmet company smartphone, then join a desktop computer to enjoy an audio playback quality throughout the day.

Quality wires

For flexibility and to avoid avoidable mechanical stresses on all of the connectors, the male USB connector is located at the end of a 80mm quad wire cable with flexible sheath.
This ensures excellent signal transmission while absorbing shocks and pressures applied on the most sensitive parts of your smartphone.


Ask a Question
  • Will it work with iphone/ipad via lightening to USB C adapter?

    You could make this work with a CCK to the supplied USB A adapter in the package. I am not sure if the Lightning to C will output USB Audio to the DAC. Thank you for your question.

  • Does this DAC support voice call function?

    No. Audio from voice calls does not go through the DAC.

  • Will this work with iPhone and adapter?

      Yes. This works with Apple Lightning to USB Camera Adapter.

  • Will this work with Samsung Note 10?

    It initially was not recognized by my Note 10+ at all. But after installing the ibasso Dac control software from the playstore, it works fine. Excellent sound, but it does get warm.

  • Does it support volume and play/pause buttons on headphones (designed for Android)?

    No, it doesn't

  • Does this have a lighting connector or something else???

    No,it haven't lighting connector. If you are finding some DAC cable support Lighting connector. You can try SMSL I2 and audirect Beam ES9118

  • Do you need to download any drivers for use with a Windows 10 computer???

    In this case,if you bought it for your computer with windows 10 system, you don't need to download drivers can use it directly