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Headphone Amplifiers/Pre-Amplifiers

A Desktop Headphone Amplifier is a true companion we need with desktop DAC’s in order to use our headphones or speaker systems. After the signal is processed by the DAC, it is then sent to the amplifier system for amplification. The better the amplifier, the lower will be the background noise, the better will be output power. Today, most headphones require extra power to shine their best, this power is provided to them by Desktop Amplifiers. Usually, Desktop Amplifiers also have a pre-amp function to use our HiFi speaker systems with them. If you are creating a HiFi desktop stack, be sure to choose a powerful amplifier that can feed your demanding headphones without any trouble. HiFiGo brings you a wide range of desktop amplifiers/pre-amps from world-renowned brands including Topping, S.M.S.L, Gustard, and more giving you a full range to choose from!!

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