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FIIL T1 True Wireless Earphones Teardown | Hifigo

FIIL T1 True Wireless Earphones Teardown | Hifigo

True wireless stereo technology has not been perfected yet, but it’s not the latest thing on the market and it’s been very popular lately. Although it may sound complicated when you pronounce the name, the product is quite simple to understand by teardown to explain it to you.  As you might expect, not all of true wireless earbuds are worth your time or money—so we’ve got your back with products details to give you some suggestions. 

FIIL T1 is one of best budget true wireless earbuds launched in 2019 with BlueTooth 5.0 and rapid charging function Under $100They offer a lot of options for all situations, whether you want to use them at the gym, at the office, or during your commutes.

FIIL T1 at $ 69.99  Active Noise-Cancellation and Fast charging earbuds
Brand: FIIL |  Weight: N/A  | Bluetooth: V5.0  | Driver type: Dynamic | Dual microphone: Yes| Wireless range: N/A | AI assistant: Yes 
Earbud Battery Capacity (Single):50mAh |  Battery life (on-board): 6 hours | Case Battery Capacity: 430mAh |Charging case Battery life : 24 hours  | NFC: No| Fast Charge:  15 min charging = 2 hour playtime
Noise-Cancellation: Active 

Unpack of FIIL T1 true wireless in-ear TWS Bluetooth earbuds 

The cover of the ink painting style, the two earphones are placed in the middle.

The back of the package is also ink painting. Black part occupies most of the space.

Product Name: FIIL T1 true wireless in-ear Bluetooth earbuds

Color:  black  

Manufacturer: Fengyuan (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd

Accessories including Micro USB charging cable and three pairs of silicone ear tips.

Micro USB charging cable.

Charging box and instructions.

FIIL logo.

FIIL's special Logo

Charging port with cover.

Two LED indicators.

Micro USB charging port. 

Volume +/-, backward/forward, assistant icons in the earbuds charging box. Two contacts each side for earbuds charging. 

The charging box shows the amount of power on both sides of the earbuds.

Charger POWER-Z KT001 for charging test.

The two earphones are charging in the box.

FIIL T1 true wireless in-ear TWS Bluetooth earbuds Teardown

Teardown of charging box

Two magnets behind are used for earphones positioning.

Mainboard of the charging box on the bottom.

Two LED lights, shaded with a sponge.

The wire connects the battery and the motherboard.

The other side of the battery is covered with a sponge and attached to the back of the motherboard. There is no IC on the back of the motherboard.

The Hall element on the mainboard detects the status of the cover.

The light guide around the LED, with a light-shielding sponge on the outside, emits soft light without leaking.

The built-in battery of the charging box is SP702428, with a capacity of 430mAh.

The protection circuit board on the battery.

Cupreous thimble to charge the earbuds.

Hall component: FD01.

IC with Screen printing MA丨9c.

The IC H2RB looks like a charging IC.

 IC with Silkscreen PV9b.

IC without any printing 

Behind the earbuds is the touching area, with the FIIL logo.

Blue LED indicator 

The charging contact is located above the letter R

The microphone hole.

The tuning hole on side of the earphone.

The dust screen. 

Teardown the two earphones.

There is a magnet inside the headphone cover, and wire is connected to the charging contact plate.

The driver is individually sealed in the sound chamber and is isolated by this transparent plastic sheet labeled R.

A dynamic driver.

Built-in model 501115 lithium battery, 50mAh capacity.

There is a protective plate on the battery.

Teardown the earbuds back case.

Inside the back case of the earbuds, there is a copper dot in the middle for touch sensing and a Bluetooth antenna on the side.

The thimble inside the earphone contacts the touch area of ​​the back cover, and the copper clip on the right side contacts the antenna of the back cover.

MEMS Microphone with 1812 7X21 laser engraving. 

Touching detection IC 227AVB 

Realtek  RTL8763BFR Low-power Bluetooth 5.0 dual-mode chip. This is the first TWS Bluetooth earbuds chip that supports  AI ​​assistant from Realtek. It supports Bluetooth 5.0 specification and supports HFP 1.7, HSP 1.2, A2DP 1.3, AVRCP 1.6, SPP 1.2 and PBAP 1.0.

Teardown summary

  •  Conversation-enhancing 

The optimized 6mm dynamic drivers and Realtek RTL8763BFR supporting Bluetooth 5.0 with low power consumption, bring 6hours battery life and support AAC&SBC codec. FIIL wireless earbuds could deliver richer, robust sound with punchy bass and crystal-clear treble. 

  • Active noise canceling

Active noise canceling and dual-mic let you turn down the distractions in noisy environments and focus on what you want to hear. The earphone cavity is separately sealed to avoid the noise. 

  • Stylish performance

Varieties of black plastic make FiiL T1 more fashionable and stylish and very comfortable wearing experience.  

  • Rapid charging 

A 15-min fast fuel charging provides 2 hours playtime 


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TRAVIS GRABLE - May 21, 2020

I cant seem to find anything that will explain why the left earbud stopped working and wont pair? Ive only had these 2 weeks! Can you or ANYONE help?

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