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Super* Reviews The Moondrop Kato: The Best Single Dynamic Earphone From Moondrop

Super* Reviews The Moondrop Kato: The Best Single Dynamic Earphone From Moondrop

Moondrop Kato is the latest single dynamic driver IEM from the house of Moondrop. The pair adapts Moondrop’s newly-developed ULT super linear dynamic driver. It comes bundled with a high-quality cable. The pair is receiving highly positive feedback from the community for its excellent sonic capabilities. Moondrop has expertise in designing single-dynamic driver earphones with the likes of Kanas Pro, KXXS, Aria, Starfield in their arsenal. Kato is supposedly different from a newly-developed driver unit. Super* Review recently reviewed the Moondrop Kato on his Youtube channel. And from the title itself you can easily say, he loved the set.

We will mention some of the highlights from his complete review here for you(Do note that some points are slightly adjusted for better clarity in the written form). You can also watch his complete review on his Youtube channel from the link below.

Review highlights:-

>”Moondrop Kato comes as a replacement to the KXXS, and as a replacement to the KXXS it’s priced appropriately at around 190 bucks”.

>Kato uses kind of the same chassis and shape that we have seen with the KXXS, the Starfield, and the Aria.

>”Kato is a step forward for Moondrop, in fact, this is Moondrop’s best single dynamic driver earphone yet.

>”Moondrop Kato’s carry case out of all the Moondrop earphone cases I have got to date, this one is actually my favorite. It’s about the right size, it has a magnetic clasp, The IEMs fit in their perfectly, This is my ideal carry case for a set of IEMs”

>”The cable here is one of my favorite stock cables with IEMs. It looks nice, it has got nice thickness to it. It may be slightly on the stiff, memory-prone side, It’s not the softest cable. But generally, this is a pretty attractive cable with great functionality.

>”The silver color Kato cavities look like KXXS cavities from the outer side, though they have Kato printed on the face covers. The inner side is what makes the Kato look different than any former model. It has angular patterns on the inner side of the shell.”

>”The general tuning here is mild-tastefully done V-shaped with a fairly moderate bass boost. Nothing excessive but has a very satisfying amount of bass response. The bass boost is mostly present in the sub-bass region but it also extends to the mid-bass which gives it a good sense of thumpiness in addition to a good lower-end rumble.”

>”Even though the top-end of the frequency response range, the upper midrange, and treble frequencies look a lot like the frequency response that you see on the KXXS, but interestingly Kato has a tad brighter signature. The upper midrange is forward bringing the vocals forward while the lower mid-range has a recessed presentation.”

>”I find the tonality of Moondrop Kato very pleasant and vocals come across with a natural tone. The general tuning here on the Moondrop Kato is well done. I can say the same things about the KXXS, Starfield, and Aria but the Kato has a better definition throughout the frequency response range. The bass with Kato hits harder, the lower end has got a sharper physical attack that gives good physicality to the bass here.”

>“The bass here with Kato is significantly tighter than the other moondrop earphones.”

>”The treble region here is also more defined, The transients, attacks on instruments such as drum snare are presented well. Strong bass and treble region give a good sense of weight to the sound. Imaging on the Moondrop Kato is better than any other Moondrop earphones. Kato overall has a technical sound that complements the rounded tonality that we get here.”

>”Kato delivers well on the technical bite producing an amazing technical performance for the users with a great sense of detail and transparency.”

>”Imaging here is a lot better than the previous Moondrop single dynamic driver IEMs.”

>”The only place where Kato doesn’t excel in comparison to the other IEMs will be the soundstage, It has great separation and layering, it just feels a little bit narrow.”

>”Kato has an all-rounder tonality, the bass and treble regions are nice and tight, they both produce appropriate amounts of details.”

>”There’s no noticeable sibilance or anything like that but the treble is slightly on the brighter side, It kind of help in producing better definition in the sound.”

Don’t forget to check out his complete review from the link above, he has also compared the Moondrop Kato to a few more IEMs including the Tanchjim Hana, DUNU Falcon Pro, and more. It looks like he actually loved the Moondrop Kato as he has stated it as Moondrop’s best ever single-dynamic IEM yet. The pair beautifully brings amazing details out from our music with outstanding detail retrieval and punchy lower-end response. We are super happy that professional reviewers, as well as customers from all around the globe, are loving the Moondrop Kato. Would you like to buy one for yourself too? Check it out on our store here.

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