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Shanling MTW300 Latest TWS Earphone Review: Perfect Wireless Companion!!

Shanling MTW300 Latest TWS Earphone Review: Perfect Wireless Companion!!

Truly Wireless Earphones are slowly covering the market of Bluetooth earphones with their quality performance and ease of use. In my opinion they provide a better wireless experience compared to the neckband style Bluetooth earphones, plus brands are now also designing them with different driver configurations like HiFi IEMs. I personally prefer using TWS for commute and workout sessions as there are no wires involved that might need management. Quite recently, Shanling Audio released its premium TWS of earphones, the MTW300. It comes as an upgrade to the successful MTW100 budget TWS, bringing new and advanced technology with the MTW300. I got a unit of MTW300 to myself, today I am gonna share my unboxing and initial impressions for these latest TWS Bluetooth earphones. So let’s begin.

Shanling MTW300-1

Shanling MTW300:-

MTW300 is the latest truly wireless set of earphones from the house of Shanling Audio, a well-reputed audio equipment manufacturing brand based in China. It comes as an advanced high-tier model of the MTW lineup of TWS earphones by Shanling. Shanling MTW300 features the latest Bluetooth V5.2 connectivity with Qualcomm’s latest QCC3040 Bluetooth chip. It has multiple advanced features such as IPX7 waterproof rating, long battery life, touch controls, and much more. Interested people can check out more details and features about the MTW300 on our store page here.

Packaging & Accessories:-

Shanling MTW300-2

Shanling packs the MTW300 in a simple rectangular box with the earpiece image right on the front. It also has Shanling and MTW300 branding on the front as expected, and the key features printed on the back of the package. Inside we get the earpieces, charging case, six pairs of ear tips, a charging cable, and a quick start guide. The package presentation is quite simple and comes with all the necessary accessories to get one started with the pair. You can check out the unboxing video on the HiFiGo YouTube channel from the link below.

Package Contents:-

>Shanling MTW300 TWS earphones.

>Charging case.

>Six pairs of silicone ear tips.

>Type-C charging cable.

>Quick start user guide.

Shanling MTW300-3

Design & Build Quality:-

Shanling MTW300 earpieces have a beautiful sturdy build with a grey-black finish. They have a custom-IEM shape crafted for a comfortable fit. There is a magnetic charging point on the inner cavity of both earpieces. On the face panel, we have a slightly recessed shape with the Shanling logo printed in the middle. This recessed space acts as a touch control point for the pair making it very easy to operate. The face panels are slightly glossy(Not very shiny but a smooth finish) while the inner cavity has a low-profile matte look. In terms of design and appearance, the earpieces look beautiful and stealthy at the same time with their simplistic look and smooth finish.

Shanling MTW300-4

Shanling MTW300-5

The charging case has a smooth curvy finish with a similarly smooth and slightly shiny finish grey finish like that of the face panels. Inside it has two vacant spaces to place and charge the earphones. Similar to other TWS earphone charging cases, it can also be used to carry the pair around when not in use. The overall build quality of the pair and charging case is quite sturdy and feels good to hold in hand.

Shanling MTW300-6

Pairing & Connection-Stability:-

The Shanling MTW300 gets into pairing mode instantly when we pull them out of the charging case. They will come instantly into the smartphone and get connected almost instantly too. The connection is quite strong and stable, I tested it while playing music on my smartphone kept on my office table and I wandered around the cabin(up to about 8-9meters distance the connection was stable). But as we go slightly far off like 12-15 meters the signal begins to break or lag. I used it with my Huawei Mate 40 RS and the connection was pretty smooth throughout my usage period.

Sound Impressions:-

Shanling MTW300 presents a lively and energetic sound response with a V-shaped sound signature. Bass is elevated presenting the user with quick, punchy bass response. Mid frequencies have a clean and transparent response while the treble frequencies are sparkly and non-fatiguing. The lower end shows good strength with impactful mid-bass slams, while I feel sub-bass could do with slightly more rumble in the output. Vocal performance for both male and female vocals is crisp, clean, and has a slightly warm touch to them. The overall presentation has good resolution, good clarity, and an intimate, immersive feeling that makes the output enjoyable and fun. If you ask me it is one of the best sounding TWS in the market within its price range.

Shanling MTW300-7

Lower End:-

The Lower end has an emphasis on powerful mid-bass slams. The pair shows a punchy response thanks to a powerful lower end, it complements well with the other frequencies. Bass has a clean texture that is evident with every single drum kick or punches in the music. Sub-bass is something that is shy with the MTW300. Sub-bass presence can be heard in bass-heavy tracks such as Royals by Lorde, Bad Guy by Billie Eilish, but it lacks some extensions in this department, though the powerful mid-bass slams make up for it.


Mids are slightly recessed here with the MTW300. This also helps the pair avoid any kind of muddiness due to elevated bass and presents the user with a clean and transparent mid-frequency response. Vocals carry a natural tonality with a slightly warm touch making them sound smooth and well-textured.


Shanling has tuned the MTW300 for a smooth and non-fatiguing response in the treble frequencies. The pair shows enough sparkle making the output immersive and fun without making it sibilant. The lower treble shows good detailing and clarity to instruments such as Violins, Electric Guitars, and more. Though I feel like the upper treble suffers roll-off that results in a non-fatiguing response.

Soundstage and Separation:-

MTW300 has an intimate approach to our music. It doesn’t sound narrow but it also doesn’t sound super wide either. It presents an adequate soundstage for our music to shine properly. Instrument detailing and separation are top-notch with the pair presenting very good instrument detailing even in complex tracks.

Shanling MTW300-8

Battery Life:-

During my usage(About a week), I find the pair to have pretty decent battery life. Earpieces themselves last for about 8 hours on a single charge. The charging case provided a full charge to them three times, providing a complete battery life of up to 24 hours on a single charge.

Shanling MTW300-9

Final Words:-

Shanling MTW300 is a pretty solid pair of TWS earphones providing very good sound quality for its users. I simply loved it for its crisp resolution, great clarity throughout the frequency range, punchy, immersive sound output, and decent enough build quality. Personally, I don’t find it lacking anywhere, I use it as my daily driver now during my commute or at the gym. If you are looking for a TWS Bluetooth earphones around 100-150$ budget with a fun punchy sound signature, the MTW300 will be your perfect companion. You can check out the technical details and features of Shanling MTW300 here.

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David Gilmour - November 4, 2021

Thanks for sharing! I want to know if you have any recommendations for wireless headphones? Jlba, JBL, Naenka?

David Gilmour - November 4, 2021

Thank you for sharing, a very wonderful review article.
Could you review some earbuds under $100? like Naenka, Jlab, JBL.
Thanks again!

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