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Review - KZ E10 True wireless 5 Drivers Hybrid Earbuds| Hifigo

Review - KZ E10 True wireless 5 Drivers Hybrid Earbuds| Hifigo

Most audiophiles don't want to use TWS because the sound performance is far away from the wired earphones. I am wondering why these manufacturers don't choose better drivers design to deliver us not only the convenience but also excellent listening experience after all these TWS are with much higher prices. Well, I find that these brands are usually professional in electronic product design but not on acoustics. When the TWS products electronic solutions are mature and steady with many different design choices for the brands, the acoustics brand start to try the idea, it is really good news for consumers. 

KZ TWS E10 10 drivers 1

Some of the most popular earphones of the past few years have to be the cheap and cheerful offerings from Chinese company Knowledge Zenith.  They keep churning new earphones out at an incredible pace and have just started to sell their new KZ E10 TWS with compelling 5 drivers ( 1 dynamic + 4 balanced armature drivers). Let me quickly review the details and give you an impression of the sound.  

KZ TWS E10 10 drivers 2

KZ E10 comes with three kinds of drivers, black, gray and white. 

Package content
1* Original KZ E10 TWS Bluetooth 5.0 Earphone
1* Charging Box
1* USB Charging Cable
2 pairs of eartips

KZ TWS E10 10 drivers 4

Sound Impression of E10 true wireless earbuds 

About the driver configuration of E10 TWS that a lot of people gonna want to know. Well, E10 in-ear monitors are packing 4 balance amateurs along with 10mm dual-magnets dynamic driver. If you are familiar with KZ in the market, you will know that we are talking about is that the earphones are running on dual, triple, quadruple and five drivers.  They are bringing in the heat. So E10 TWS is no exception to that rule.  That 10mm dynamic driver is bringing so serious bass and great extension. The 2 of the balance amateurs are dedicated in the highs and the other 2 are dedicated in the mids. They are of the whole sound frequency to really bring the best sound quality they can bring you. 

The sound is blowing me away.5 drivers for the ear, are bringing very powerful sound quality! So serious deep bass and so serious extension. If you have listened to the multiple drivers in-ear monitor. There is a sound quality issue that is just not matched by a lot of true wireless earbuds even other in-ear monitors out there. But In E10 TWS, everything is completely different. The volume on these, I can probably listen to them with around 40-60% volume, they got so loud, it is ridiculous.I'm highly impressed with the sound quality.    

The sound quality offered by E10 true wireless earbuds is very good indeed, with deep bass, and a wide-open soundstage; although, audiophiles may want to look elsewhere for more natural sound treatment, as the Galaxy Buds do sound very warm. 


KZ TWS E10 10 drivers 3

Not only the drivers but also the ear hook design are really big surprises comparing to a range of TWS products on the market. Resin Metal Case and Innovative Earhook. Like fine art, E10 perfectly combines metal and resin to present a soft hard luxury look. The special ear hook offers a secure fit and is widely applicable to various scenarios, no more worry about falling off. 


KZ TWS E10 10 drivers 5

 All the heat configurations on the popular TWS in the markets, such as BLUETOOTH 5.0 & Apt-X, Smart Touch&Auto Instant Comparing.

KZ TWS E10 10 drivers 6

 KZ Bluetooth E10 true wireless headphones feature Qualcomm QC3020. 

KZ TWS E10 10 drivers 7


KZ E10 true wireless earbuds will fulfill all your fantasy and needs about Bluetooth earphones. Ergonomic skin-friendly silicone ear hanger design makes it fit in your ear securely. Built-in dual mic, CVC+DSP dual-microphone noise reduction, Bluetooth 5.0 and everything you need. Come with a 12-month warranty provides a worry-free purchase. Order it now. 


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