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NiceHCK NX7 MK3 Unboxing & Quick review:- Beautiful & Improved!!

NiceHCK NX7 MK3 Unboxing & Quick review:- Beautiful & Improved!!

NiceHCK NX7 is a very popular pair of in-ear monitors from NiceHCK. It was released back in 2019 with a powerful seven driver hybrid setup on each side. After the success of NX7, the brand was focused to bring further enhancements to the NX7. And then came out the NX7 Pro earlier this year with replaceable faceplates and sound tuning filters. While the NX7 Pro was a success, the pair was pretty bright and even piercing for some people. I personally owned the NX7 Pro and used it for several weeks as my daily driver. The replaceable tuning filter’s provided slight changes in the tuning that helped suit different genres of music well. Earlier than expected NiceHCK brought another variant of NX7 with the NX7 MK3 with new upgraded drivers, better looks with replaceable faceplates, and again replaceable sound tuning filters. The latest NX7 MK3 is priced at 125$, where you can choose between different termination plug types. I grabbed a unit for myself a few weeks back and now have been using it ever since then. Today, I am going to share my quick review with you all.

NiceHCK NX7 MK3-1


>Seven Driver Hybrid Setup(4 BA+2 DD+ 1 Piezo-electric ceramic).

>Replaceable Face panels and Tuning Filters.

>High-quality 16-core SPC & Copper hybrid cable.

>Beautiful premium carry case.

>Cable available in different termination options.

Rest technical specs. features, and buying options you can check out here.

Packaging and Accessories:-

The NiceHCK NX7 MK3 comes in an elegant white color packaging. Opening the box you get a direct glimpse at the beautiful NX7 MK3 earpieces and a nice carry case. The denim textured carry case holds the accessories including the cable, ear tips, tuning filters, and faceplates. The accessories are in good quality and complement the pair. It also contains a screwdriver and two sets of screws for replacing the face panels. Also, I got a 3.5mm termination plug while purchasing so you will get the cable with your desired termination plug that you can choose while ordering.

NiceHCK NX7 MK3-2

Package Contents:-

>One pair NiceHCK NX7 MK3 IEMs.

>16-core SPC and Copper Hybrid Cable.

>Three pairs of replaceable face panels(Red, Blue, Black).

>Three pairs of replaceable tuning filters(Red, Blue, Black).

>Four pairs of White silicone ear tips.

>Four pairs of Black silicone ear tips.

>Carry case.

>Two sets of screws.

>Screw driver.

Build Quality & Fit:-

In terms of build quality, the NX7 Mk3 has similar shells like the NX7 Pro. With a transparent inner shell, the faceplate has got a better look as compared to the previous Pro model. The new face panels look more elegant and better to me. They are lightweight and designed ergonomically. I felt it quite comfortable to wear for long hours. The accessories have a premium look and finish especially the carry case. The cable is a 16-core hybrid cable and is very soft. The cable has 3.5mm termination with solid 2-pin connectors.

NiceHCK NX7 MK3-3

They provided an easy and comfortable fit to me, the earpieces sit firmly on to my ears and seal the ear canal properly. I get a good level of noise isolation with the stock black silicone ear tips.

Driving the NiceHCK NX7 MK3:-

NiceHCK NX7 MK3-4

Even though the NiceHCK NX7 MK3 has a high impedance rating of 58 Ohms, it is driven well out of a smartphone too. I have used the pair with Huawei P90 Pro, xDuoo XD-05 Basic, Hidizs AP80 Pro, and M11 Pro. And it drove well with all these sources, though with my smartphone had to push the volume to near full while with the other sources at around 60% volume was enough.

Sound Quality:-

The sound output via the NX7 MK3 feels improved over the previous generation with a smoother treble portion. Yes, the previous gen’s were a bit extra bright and some people even complained to the NX7 Pro to have a piercing sound. While I enjoyed the bright signature of NX7 Pro I can agree it was fatiguing for long music sessions. It is not the case here with the MK3 anymore. The latest NX7 MK3 has a smoother performance with all three filters. Though I must say it still sounds bright but its not tiring or fatiguing anymore now. The pair shows decent detail retrieval throughout the entire frequency spectrum. The overall signature of the pair is V-shaped, let’s discuss how different filters affect the sound output.

NiceHCK NX7 MK3-5

Red Filter:-

The red filter on the MK3 sounds the brightest among all the filters. It has elevated upper-mids and lower treble portions. With this filter, the pair sounds similar to the NX7 Pro but with a comparable smooth treble. The red filter seems to be boosting the high frequencies.

Blue Filter:-

The blue filter sounds the most balanced among the three producing a powerful lower end, recessed mid-frequencies, and transparent high frequencies. The sound output feels quite balanced with all the different frequency spectrums complementing each other. With this filter, none of the frequencies sounds dominating.

Black Filter:-

The black filter produces a boosted lower end as compared to the other frequencies. It complements genres like EDM, Hip-hop where bass beats push life into the music. With this filter, the pair has a fun sound signature.

NiceHCK NX7 MK3-6

Lower end:-

The lower end in the NX7 Mk3 is decently powerful unless you use the Black filter that boosts the bass. The pair shows good slams in mid-bass and beautiful rumble in the sub-bass portion. It complements my music well, I personally use the Blue filter and won’t recommend Black unless you are a die-hard bass lover.


Being a V-shaped pair, the Mid frequencies are recessed. There is good airiness between the acoustic instruments and the elevation in upper-mids brings the vocals up front. With the red filter high pitched vocals might sound shouty to some people.


I am really impressed with the high-frequencies on the NX7 MK3. They are very much smooth now and provides a non-fatiguing sound output with pretty good detail retrieval. The pair retrieves beautiful details in instruments like Violins, Electric guitars, and more.

Soundstage and Instrument Separation:-

While the Instrument Separation is pretty good in the pair, the soundstage is still similar to NX7 Pro. I mean it’s not too narrow or small, it gives more than enough headroom for a live performance but don’t expect it to be too huge. I personally feel like a bit extra stage would have improved the airy feel of the pair.

Final Words:-

NiceHCK NX7 MK3-7

Finally, what can I say, I already liked the NX7 Pro, and in my opinion, the latest NX7 MK3 smoothes out the harsh portion of the NX7 Pro and delivers a beautiful sound output. At a price point of 125$, I can happily recommend these to you if you are looking for an amazing looking pair with powerful and lively sound clarity.

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