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Moondrop Blessing 2 Review Roundup

Moondrop Blessing 2 Review Roundup

Moondrop Blessing 2 has been a highly successful pair of in-ear monitors from Moondrop. It features premium designed earpieces with a powerful five driver hybrid setup on each side. The pair checks in on all the boxes for a perfect IEM, Premium build, firm fit, outstanding energetic sonic performance, high-quality bundled cable and accessories, and many more. It is one of the most selling and most talked pair of IEMs since it’s release. The pair is available in multiple variants to choose from while ordering. Buyers can buy this beautiful IEM in plain stainless steel face panel design or design engraved stainless steel face panel, or even a premium wooden face panel design available in four different colors. The pair is available at a price of 319$. Today we are here to talk about what different critics have to say about this brilliant pair of in-ear monitors

Moondrop Blessing 2-1


I really like how Moondrop tunes their IEMs with strong audio engineering theoretical knowledge. They know what they are doing and the critical acclaim and popularity of their products are a statement of that. Blessing2 does most things well and not much wrong. It might not have the big bass slam we casually expect from a dynamic driver, but this is one exceptionally well-tuned IEM for its price and the bass quantity is generally more than sufficient for me in most songs. Actually, with Blessing2 performing so well for its asking price, it has me questioning the pricing of other much more expensive IEMs that don’t perform as nicely. If you were to hold a gun to my head and ask me for one of the most accurate IEMs in this segment, Blessing2 is probably the first that will pop in my head.

Seems like Alex really loved the Blessing 2, Check out his full review here.

In-Ear Fidelity(Crinacle.com):-

Moondrop Blessing 2-2

The B2 the ultimate refinement of an already-great IEM, and my only fear is that Moondrop might’ve just hit their ceiling. Moondrop needs to make some garbage so I don’t come off as some unabashed shill. The insane consistency of Moondrop’s IEM range continues to boggle my mind, and the Blessing 2 shows that Moondrop is willing to compete with themselves to push forward a better product. I refuse to utter the cliched phrase of the initials “G. K.”. But if you’re going to have a spending budget of $500, $1,000, or even $1,500, the $320 Blessing 2 should go onto your list of considerations. Bravo, Moondrop.

We appreciate the kind words that Crin has honored our Blessing 2 with, Read his full review here.


In my mind, the Moondrop Blessing 2 lives up to much of the hype surrounding it. This is an IEM that I think should be given strong consideration for anyone looking for something under $1000. It doesn’t dethrone the true flagships out there like the 64 Audio U12T, but in my mind, it gives most other high-end IEMs a strong run for the money - because at only $320, in my opinion, Moondrop have changed the game when it comes to IEM tuning.

Check out the complete review by Andrew here. You can also enjoy their video review here.


Moondrop Blessing 2-4

Moondrop Blessing 2 is without a doubt, one of the best performing mid-fi range IEM that you can get right now. And the fact that they're executing way more than their price value aside from the few small drawbacks, especially with the much lower price they have than their predecessors, made it even crazier. Although they still can't compete with the TOTLs like the 64audio's u12t or tia trio, at least they have been pretty close in closing the gap now. So if I'm going to look for an upgrade from the Blessing 2, I need at least going to the kilo bucks range now.

Check out their complete review here.


The Moondrop Blessing 2 looks exceptionally beautiful with a stainless steel faceplate placed on a transparent resin shell from which you can see through to the precise placements of different driver units inside. The Moondrop Blessing 2 sounds amazing. It has a U-shaped sound signature with a wider staging representation. The staging is absolutely amazing here, it is wide, it is deep. You can feel an entire orchestra being played personally for you in your ears. The instruments have got natural timbre and good quality imaging capabilities. I loved the pair so much. It renders amazing details, it carries deep punchier bass response, and lush vocals exactly the type of sound that according to me makes any genre of music shine. This pair has made me a fan of Moondrop and now I am eager to try out more from the brand while keeping this as my daily driver now.

Check out the full review here.

Moondrop Blessing 2-5

And the love for our beloved Moondrop Blessing 2 is not only limited to just written blogs check out what YouTube reviewers have to say about it.

Super* Review:-

The pair has got a fairly neutral sound signature with a slight bit of treble emphasis. Mostly the main emphasis with the Blessing 2 comes is in the mid-range detailing. The mid-range on this IEM is just fantastic. It is not a bass IEM, but the lower-end here is very well done more focused on the sub-bass region. Having this focused sub-bass region it gives an added layer of depth, texture to the sound output.

Watch his complete review here.

Max Settings:-

Overall a neutral signature in a relatively diffused field target curve. They have Fantastic detail retrieval way above their class. It is a very dynamic pair with a very nice punchy textured bass. The Blessing 2 in a lot of ways is the perfect IEM but does have a few little flaws that hold it back from being a true flagship IEM. However, these faults are extremely minor and this is still probably the closest any product I have encountered has come to being a true "giant killer”.

Watch his complete review here.

Moondrop Blessing 2-6

We are really overwhelmed by all these positive reviews for our beloved Blessing 2 from respected reviewers all around the globe. We are pretty sure these will fit your needs as your ultimate pair of in-ear monitors too!! Also surprise surprise the Moondrop Blessing 2 is on sale with 15% off at our store, you can grab these for just 271.99$ on 13th and 14th October 2020, check out more details here.

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