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Moondrop Blessing 2 IEM Review: Beautiful and Detailed!!!

Moondrop Blessing 2 IEM Review: Beautiful and Detailed!!!

Who doesn’t know Moondrop, they are some of the best Chi-fi IEM makers in the market and bring the users a wide range of brilliant sounding in-ear monitors ranging from around a 100$ priced Starfield with a CNT Dynamic Driver unit and goes up to Moondrop Solis a 4BA and 2 EST flagship hybrid driver pair at 1100$. Moondrop has released a new hybrid driver IEM, the Moondrop Blessing 2. The Blessing 2 has got a five driver hybrid setup, one Dynamic driver and four Balanced armature drivers. I have got a sample unit for the Moondrop Blessing 2 a few days back and today I am going to share my review for this beautiful pair.

Before I start you can buy this gem from Hifigo here.

Moondrop Blessing 2-7

Please note that the unit that I have received for this review is a sample unit, it doesn’t have retail packaging just got the earpieces with a two-pin copper cable, so I won’t be able to tell you about the unboxing and contents of the unit and for this review, the unit has been burned in for more than 50 hours, as that is the least suggested for a DD IEM to burn-in.

Build Quality:-

Moondrop Blessing 2-1

People all around already praise Moondrop for its brilliant craftsmanship, whether it be Moondrop Kanas Pro, Moondrop S8, or just a 100$ priced Starfield all are built with good quality material and have a strong build. The Moondrop Blessing 2 is also not an exception, it looks exceptionally beautiful with a stainless steel faceplate placed on a transparent resin shell from which you can see through to the precise placements of different driver units inside. I can see a large dynamic driver coil, and two pairs of BA’s, from this I can tell you that it has a triple crossover design, Dynamic Driver handling the lows, dual BA for mids, and dual BA for Highs. The faceplate has a hole near the corner it is to reduce the dynamic driver flex, and I have not heard that flex noise even while pushing the earpieces deep into my ears.

Moondrop Blessing 2-3

The cable that came to me with the unit surely looks its stock cable, it is a 4 wire braided copper cable with 2 wires on each side and a 0.78mm two-pin connector type. The cable has an L type 3.5mm termination plug. The Y splitter on the cable has a Blessing 2 logo printed on it.

Overall the earpieces surely look beautiful, they have a strong and tough build.


Moondrop Blessing 2-2

The Moondrop Blessing 2 has a bit big sized earpieces, so for people with small-sized ears, you guys might get some fit related issues. For me, I have medium-sized ears and the fit is perfect for me. The earpieces block my ear completely and provide me with great isolation, I can’t hear to people around me even on lower volumes.

Sound Quality:-

Ever since I had tried the Kanas Pro from a friend I was so excited to see the new line up of Moondrop, and The Moondrop Blessing 2 sounds amazing. It has a U-shaped sound signature with a wider staging representation. The staging is absolutely amazing here, it is wide, it is deep. You can feel an entire orchestra being played personally for you in your ears. The sound has that airy feel to it which is expected from Mid-level IEM’s. The elevated Bass and Treble sections have good detailing and smoother response, mids initially felt a bit peaky especially the upper mids holding vocals for us, but as I have given this pair some time of burning in the mids have settled really well. There is no peakiness now, the vocals feel crisp and lush. The instruments have got natural timbre and good quality imaging capabilities. Let’s talk about the different areas of the frequency response range in detail now.

Moondrop Blessing 2-4

Lower end/Bass:-

As we already know a DD is handling the bass here, and my god the thumps that I had got when I first listened to this pair. Please note that previously I own the DUNU DK-3001 Pro IEM’s which is a balanced pair but it also has good bass, but when I heard the bass thumps on the Blessing 2 I actually got amazed. It has got a deep and punchy bass, the bass doesn’t roll off quickly and provides the users with a deep response. Drums in Clarity by John Mayer surely left a deep impression in my brain. The entire bass region is controlled really well and it doesn’t overlap or leaks to the other sections.


The pair has a U shaped sound signature but there is surely some elevation in the upper mids which brings the vocals to upfront, this initially made the vocals a bit peaky, but after the burn-in period everything is settled. The vocals have settled and are smooth now. I mostly listen to vocal-based songs by artists like Damien Rice, Yao SI Ting, MTV Unplugged sessions. And post the burn in it is a bliss to listen to them on this pair. There is no harshness or peakiness in the pair after the burn-in period is over. The vocals feel natural they are neither thin nor thick, there is no coloration just crisp details.


The treble is the main attraction in Blessing 2's sound. The treble response is very detailed and brilliant. Whether it be violin in any of the songs by Tina Guo, Electric guitar in Sweet Child O’ Mine by Guns N’ Roses, you will feel no harshness or peakiness at all. The Instrumental details are rendered so beautifully and precisely that even with such bright details the pair generates a relaxed sound. I really appreciate the tuning of Moondrop for this detailed treble response with no harshness. You will notice no sibilance in any of the instruments even at louder volumes.

Moondrop Blessing 2-5


The Moondrop Blessing 2 has a very wide stage representation. The stage has got a feeling of airiness, it has a feeling of depth, and with such beautiful details and staging the tuning of Moondrop surely looks promising and makes me eager to try out more products by them.

Overall the Sound quality of Moondrop Blessing 2 is very good. It has got a brilliantly detailed sound output with deep and clean bass thumps,  natural-sounding vocals, and detailed and beautiful treble response. The pair plays all the genres I tried like EDM, Rock, Vocals, Pop with aplomb and very good clarity.

Powering the Moondrop Blessing 2:-

Moondrop Blessing 2-6

I have used the pair with my Fiio M11 Pro, Fiio M11 Pro paired with Aune B1s Amp, and One plus 6T smartphone with Cozoy TAKT C DAC/AMP and all of them powered the pair easily, though I feel like the pair has higher power requirements as I had to push the volume up to enjoy the pair fully.

Final Verdict:-

As I have told earlier in this review that I was excited to try out something from Moondrop, and thus came The Blessing 2. I loved the pair so much. It renders amazing details, it carries deep punchier bass response, and lush vocals exactly the type of sound that according to me makes any genre of music shine. This pair has made me a fan of Moondrop and now I am eager to try out more from the brand while keeping this as my daily driver now.

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Robin Singh - November 4, 2021

Really Nice and detailed review.
Will definitely try it.

Sanjay - March 29, 2020

Thanks for such detailed review…🥇

Milind Soni - March 29, 2020

Just finished reading moondrop blessings review by pulkit chug from Delhi,a friend of mine and a fellow audiophiler. Happy to know that this beauty has all that characteristics that happens to be my kind of taste,, would surely look forward to get one. I appreciate the hard work my friend pulkit takes to go deep within to impart his experiences,,
I wish you all the best for many more such reviews that would help more Audio enthusiastic to develop their tastes,,

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