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Hidizs AP80 Pro Titanium Alloy Limited Edition Unboxing & Quick Review!!

Hidizs AP80 Pro Titanium Alloy Limited Edition Unboxing & Quick Review!!

Hidizs AP80 Pro is one of the finest hi-res audio players in its price segment. Hidizs has been regularly redesigning this masterpiece and releasing limited edition models for the same. A few months back they released a premium new Rose Gold AP80 Pro that went out of stock quickly as only limited quantities were made. Last month, Hidizs released a new special edition AP80 pro made using high-grade Titanium Alloy material. It is carved out of a precious Titanium alloy that is not only difficult for smelting but also requires highly skilled metal fabrication and a high-demanding machining process. This Titanium Alloy AP80 Pro was also made in very limited quantities, only 399 units were made available worldwide. Hidizs has also advertised that the alloy undergoes 240 minutes of CNC engraving, nitrogen punching, high-level polishing, wire drawing by a special diamond wire drawing wheel, and PVD Vacuum plating resulting in a charming titanium alloy body. Woah that’s another level of excellence in creating a product, isn’t it!!

Hidizs AP80 Pro Titanium-1

Being a fan and collector of limited edition products, I couldn’t stop myself and grabbed a unit. Today, I am gonna share my unboxing experience and initial impressions of the AP80 Pro Titanium Alloy.

About AP80 Pro:-

The Hidizs AP80 Pro is a highly successful hi-resolution audio player in the market. It is powered by dual ES9218P DAC chips and supports high-resolution audio signal decoding up to 32-Bit/384kHz and DSD256. The player houses many more features such as dual headphone output(3.5mm and 2.5mm), 2.45” Samsung touch display, two-way Bluetooth support, and much more. You can check out more details on the product page here. Let’s begin with the unboxing and review.

Packaging & Accessories:-

Hidizs AP80 Pro Titanium-2

The packaging of the Titanium Alloy limited edition AP80 Pro is similar to the Rose gold one. It features a black rectangular cardboard box with a holographic image of the player and Hidizs and the AP80 Pro Titanium Alloy branding logo on the top. When we open this box, we get a message from the development team of AP80 Pro, “Music Is The Voice Of An Angel”, and a few words written with it. Now we have a direct glimpse at the astonishingly beautiful AP80 Pro made using Titanium Alloy material. It is so classy, and so beautifully crafted, oh wait I will discuss this in the design and build quality section haha.

Hidizs AP80 Pro Titanium-3

Other than this we have a silicone case, user guide, USB charging cable, Type-C to Micro USB cable, hi-res stickers, and a pair of Screen protectors. Overall the package presentation is quite simple and elegant, the package doesn’t look as beautiful as the device itself, but holds a lot of stuff.

Package Contents:-

>One Hidizs AP80 Pro Titanium Alloy Edition.

>One Silicone case.

>One pair of screen protectors.

>One pair of Hi-res stickers.

>One USB Type-C to Micro USB cable.

>One USB charging cable.

>User guide.

>E-gift card.

>Warranty card.

You can also check our unboxing video of the AP80 Pro from the link below. Do remember to subscribe to our channel for more HiFi audio content.


Design & Build Quality:-

Well, I fell in love with the classy look of the precious Titanium alloy AP80 Pro. It is so beautifully crafted. It has s small touchscreen display on the front with a volume knob and media controls on the right, a MicroSD card slot on the left, headphone output, and a USB Type-C port on the bottom, On the backside, we have a stunning textured print and a glass back panel. It also has unit no. printed on the back as there are only 399 units made worldwide. In terms of looks and design, this particular AP80 Pro looks like the best model of the AP80 Pro so far, super elegant silver titanium alloy, classy modest design, superb strong build, and not to mention the premium feel of limited edition is outstanding. To be honest, the looks do justice to its price tag, it looks spectacular.

Hidizs AP80 Pro Titanium-4

Hidizs AP80 Pro Titanium-5

Hidizs AP80 Pro Titanium-6

The included silicone case fits perfectly on the device and provides good protection from sudden falls. Other included accessories are also of good quality.

User Interface:-

The special edition AP80 Pro utilizes the same HiBy OS 3.0 as its standard models. It offers a smooth, lag-free user interface with features such as Step Counter, FM Radio, hi-res audio decoding. It supports HiBY’s latest UAT wireless Bluetooth codec that supports file streaming up to 192kHz. It also supports HiBy Link that enables complete remote operation using smartphones.

Hidizs AP80 Pro-7

I have no complaints in terms of UI with the AP80 Pro, it swifts through my 8000 song library on my 400gigs MicroSD card. Cover arts take a while to load sometimes though.

Sound Quality:-

Similar to its standard variant, the AP80 Pro Titanium Alloy has a neutral sound signature with no emphasis on any particular frequency. All frequencies are presented in a balanced manner making the dap suitable for different genres of music. It provides ample output power through its 2.5mm balanced and 3.5mm single-ended output ports to power up IEMs and Earbuds on the go without any trouble. I tried the Moondrop Illumination, QOA Adonis, and Tipsy Dunmer with the AP80 Pro. Here are the pairing results.

Moondrop Illumination:-

Hidizs AP80 Pro Titanium-8

The Moondrop Illumination is a powerful single DD IEM. With the AP80 Pro it provides a well-detailed sound signature with crisp high-resolution clarity. The bass has deep thumps with good extensions, vocals sound transparent and lush. I like using the IEM with balanced as it provides a cleaner, wider sound with better extensions at both ends. I prefer using the balanced termination with the Illuminations.

QOA Adonis:-

Hidizs AP80 Pro Titanium-9

The QOA Adonis is fairly easy to drive pair. It shows its true tonality with the AP80 Pro, punchy bass with a mild warm tone, highly transparent mids, and detailed highs with no harsh peaks anywhere. The transition is amazingly smooth.

Tipsy Dunmer:-

Hidizs AP80 Pro Titanium-10

The Tipsy Dunmer is the easiest to drive pair of IEMs among the three. They are powered really well and showed good extensions even through the single-ended 3.5mm output port.

 The AP80 Pro powers most of my IEMs fairly providing a superb musical experience on the go. It also features HiBy’s developed MSEB Tuner that allows one to play with the output quality with adjustable functions such as tonality,

Overall the AP80 Pro has a neutral signature with crisp instrument detailing and separation. It can power up high-demanding IEMs and earbuds on the go without any trouble through its balanced output port. It complements different IEMs and presents the user with their natural signature.

Bluetooth Connectivity:-

The Hidizs AP80 Pro features Bluetooth V4.2 connectivity with hi-resolution UAT codec support. It provides a lag-free experience, I paired my Sony XM3 headphones with the pair and found the pairing to be quite good. The connection range was also quite good no signal drops or distortion during my usage.

Final Verdict:-

Hidizs AP80 Pro Titanium-11

The Hidizs AP80 Pro is already a superb-sounding device. It comes in our list of best-sounding DAPs in their price range. This limited edition Titanium Alloy Hidizs has provided us an outstanding-looking limited edition too now!! I loved the spectacular look and build of the AP80 Pro Titanium Alloy. If you are looking to buy a decent player with a quality build and balanced output, the AP80 Pro is a collector’s possession. Check out more details here.

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