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Hidizs AP80 Pro Limited Rose Gold Edition Unboxing And Quick Review

Hidizs AP80 Pro Limited Rose Gold Edition Unboxing And Quick Review

Hidizs AP80 Pro is a brilliant hi-res audio player from the brand. Around the last month, it gets an all-new variant in an all-new Rose Gold color. The new variant not only has a new color, but it is also actually built with high-quality 316L stainless steel material more premium to the regular variants. But this Rose Gold AP80 Pro is limited to only 688 units worldwide. Though this limited edition unit is priced at 279$ about 110$ above the regular price of 169$, it has exceptional looks with its bright new color and fine stainless steel finish. You can check more details about the AP80 Pro here. Today I am gonna share my unboxing experience and a quick review of the limited edition rose gold Hidizs AP80 Pro.

Hidizs AP80 Pro Rose Gold-1

About Hidizs:-

Hidizs was founded early in 2009 by professionals with years of experience in the industry to design & manufacture portable HiFi audio devices at affordable prices. Ever since then they are dedicated to producing the best for the consumers. Today they have a huge fan base and their products are appreciated well by audio enthusiasts around the globe. Famous products include Hidizs AP80 Digital Audio Player, Hidizs MS1 IEMs, Hidizs S8 USB DAC, and more. Today I will do the unboxing of their latest Limited Edition Rose Gold AP80 Pro Digital Audio Player.


>High-Performance DUAL ES9218P DAC.

>PCM Decoding Up To 32-Bit/384kHz, DSD Up To DSD256 Natively.

>Dual Output Ports, 3.5mm Single-ended and 2.5mm Balanced.

>2.45” Samsung IPS Touchscreen Display(480x360).

>HBC3000 FPGA Hardware Decoding Chip.

>Bi-Directional Bluetooth V4.2 Support with Hi-Res Codecs including LDAC, APT-X, and more.

>HiBy UAT Support, custom-designed Bluetooth Codec by HiBy.

>USB DAC Support.

>Hi-Res Audio Certification.

>Step Counter.

>FM Radio.

>Aluminium Alloy Body with Stereoscopic Glass Back.

>Battery Life of up to 13 hours and up to 50 days of standby.

>USB Type-C Charging Port.


The rose gold AP80 Pro has got a really beautiful black packaging to it. It is similar yet different to the normal edition packaging. Normal edition packaging has plain text print on the box while the rose gold edition right here has got a sparkly golden print on it. The front side has Hidizs branding Logo along with the outlined AP80 Pro player design from the top. It also has the AP80 Pro branding logo with “Rose Gold Stainless Steel Limited Collectors Edition” written right below it. On the sides, it has “A Precious Gift, To Precious You” printed. All these prints are in glittery golden color. It is quite elegant and beautiful packaging.

Hidizs AP80 Pro Rose Gold-2

Package Contents:-

>Hidizs AP80 Pro Hi-res player.

>2 Screen Protectors.

>Silicone Case.

>USB Type-C to USB Type-A Cable.

>USB Type-C to Micro-USB Cable.

>Hidizs Branding Leaflets.

>User Manual.

Build Quality:-

Hidizs designs its products with the utmost perfection. The Rose Gold AP80 Pro here is not an exception either. It carries the classy and elegant looks of the regular AP80 Pro model with a crisp edgy design but is not built-in high-quality premium stainless steel material. And believe me when you hold the unit you feel the perfection and quality of material just holding it in your hands. The front panel houses a crisp 2.45” Samsung IPS touchscreen panel. It has a display resolution of 480x300, yeah it doesn’t have the numbers of an HD or Full HD resolution but being a small device it is actually pretty crisp. The right side houses the volume wheel with media control keys. On the back, we have the Hidizs and AP80 Pro branding. What special here in the Rose Gold edition is the unit number. As I said previously the Rose Gold Edition is a limited edition limited only to 688 units of the device. On the backside we actually have the unit number like here my unit number is 167 it is written right below the AP80 Pro branding.

Hidizs AP80 Pro Rose Gold-3

Overall the standard AP80 Pro is already a well-built device with its classy edgy design, this rose gold limited edition model just takes things up a step with a premium 316L Stainless Steel frame and rich rose gold color. All the variants have a glass back just like the premium smartphone models in the market nowadays.

User Interface:-

Mostly Hidizs devices utilize the power of HiBy OS  to provide a smooth user experience. The AP80 Pro features HiBY OS 3.0, it also features the latest HiBy UAT Bluetooth Hi-res codec that supports file streaming up to 192kHz bitrate smoothly. The user interface is mostly smooth with no errors found during my usage with the device. It also features the HiBy Link that enables operating the device entirely using a smartphone only.

Bluetooth Connectivity:-

The device supports Bluetooth V4.2 functionality which is pretty stable and lag-free. I have used the AP80 Pro with my Sony WH-1000XM3 ANC headphones and the connection was pretty stable throughout the day. I have enjoyed some music on the combo, I noticed no lag that might put me off.

Sound Quality:-

Hidizs AP80 Pro Rose Gold-4

The main change in the AP80 Pro over the AP80 is the inclusion of a balanced output port. It now features a 3.5mm headphone output and a 2.5mm fully balanced output port. The player produces a balanced, natural, and crisp sound output without emphasizing any particular frequency. It doesn’t color the output in any way and produces a professional hi-resolution sound clarity. The player sounds quite mature and can be a good reference DAP to use during IEM and Buds reviewing. It holds decent enough power to power my different pairs of IEMs and earbuds. I have used CatEar Mia, BGVP DM7, QOA Mojito, and Ve Monk Plus(64 Ohm) with the AP80 Pro and it makes them shine with crisp detailing though I doubt it can power full-size cans that easily. I tried with my Hifiman Sundara, and it showed room for more improvements even around the full volume levels.


Hidizs AP80 produces a detailed lower end with a rich texture and layered feel to it. Mid-bass show good presence with quick and precise slams. Sub-bass is fed with enough power to produce good rumble here. The lower end is pretty rich and complements the other frequencies pretty well.


Mids are produced with decent details. Both male and female vocals carry a natural tonality, acoustic guitars, pianos carry a sense of weight and air with every tone. Mids are detailed very well reproducing crisp vocals and instruments in our music.


High frequencies here again, carry a natural non-fatiguing tone. Ultra-high frequencies, high-pitched vocals never seem to show any fatigue or sibilance even at louder volumes with the AP80 Pro. Though I personally think this more depends on the pair of IEMs being used.

Hidizs AP80 Pro Rose Gold-5


The AP80 Pro produces a smooth high-resolution sound output. You can turn the volume up to any level you want, the output is always crisp with amazing clarity. It is pretty clean. There is no noticeable background noise or distortion in any of the IEMs and Buds that I have tested with the player.

Final Words:-

Hidizs AP80 Pro Rose Gold-6

Are you looking for a decent, portable, elegant digital audio player with a natural and uncolored sound clarity??? The Hidizs AP80 Pro is the perfect choice for you. Buy it in its limited collector’s edition Rose Gold color for an authentic edgy look and premium limited edition feel. The device surely looks and feels premium in this Stainless Steel Rose Gold frame. You can see the available colors and check out more details about the Hidizs AP80 Pro here.

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