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FiiO LC BT-2 Impression: The Hi-Res Bluetooth Cable!!

FiiO LC BT-2 Quick Review: The Hi-Res Bluetooth Cable!!

FiiO is a well-known name in the Chi-fi audio market, they are usually releasing the latest good quality products every now and then, and this time they have released a new Bluetooth Cable, The FiiO LC BT-2.

The FiiO LC BT-2 is an upgraded version of there previously launched Bluetooth cable the LC BT-1, the BT-2 is an upgrade in every manner from build quality to sound quality output. It comes in two different variants, MMCX and 0.78mm two-pin variants, Today we have brought a unit of FiiO LC BT-2 Bluetooth cable in 0.78mm two-pin variant for unboxing and we will be pairing the cable further with Shozy Form 1.4 in-ear monitors and Huawei P30 Pro Smartphone and will share our initial impressions with you all for the same.

Before we start you can buy this Bluetooth cable from our store here.

About FiiO:-

FiiO is a china based audio equipment manufacturing brand, they produce good quality products in almost all product range. They manufacture all kinds of audio products like in-ear monitors, cables, digital audio players, and more. Their product range starts from products from around 40-50$ and they go up to around 1500$ with their flagship DAP the FiiO M15. Their products have a good built quality, rich and premium sound quality, and offer a great price to performance ratio.

Unboxing Impressions:-

FiiO LC BT-2-1

FiiO LC BT-2-2

Here FiiO has given a simple black colored rectangular cardboard box for the LC BT-2 cable, it has an image for the cable on the front with FIiO branding no the top and LC BT-2 product name at the bottom. On the back, we have got several logos printed like LDAC, AptX, AptX HD, SBC, AAC and more, as these codecs are supported by the cable. As I open up this box I get a look at the leather carry case, the case carries our LC BT-2  Bluetooth cable, and it will be easier to carry around our cable in this case easily, Below this case lies our other accessories like USB Type-C charging cable and user guide.

FiiO LC BT-2-3

Package Contents are as follows:-

>One FiiO LC BT-2 Bluetooth Cable

>One USB Type-C Charging Cable

>User Manual

Build Quality:-

FiiO LC BT-2-4

The FiiO LC BT-2 has got a silicone neckband style build, the neckband itself is made up of good quality silicone material which offers a very flexible structure to the cable, you can flex it any much amounts and it won’t break and will retain back its original shape in an instant. The silicone is then ended with good quality plastic structures at the Right and Left sides respectively, from which the wire is coming out, the Left side structure has four buttons, one to power on/off, one for play/pause music, two for adjusting volume levels, along with the buttons is a small led, which indicated the Bluetooth codec being played. On the right side, we get a USB Type-C charging port at the backside. The wire ends at 0.78mm two-pin connectors as this is the model that we have brought today as we will be pairing it with Shozy Form 1.4 soon. The wire has got ear hook design on the connectors so the fit will be easy and comfortable with different IEM’s. The silicone material is very skin-friendly and makes the cable sweat resistance making this my first priority while hitting the gym.

FiiO LC BT-2-5

The Overall build quality is very good and feels rich, let’s connect our Shozy Form 1.4 to it.


The FiiO LC BT-2 cable has a Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity, It offers a seamless, strong Bluetooth connection with the source device over long periods of time and provides a great battery life. I have connected it to my Huawei P30 Pro and FiiO M11 Pro DAP, the device name in the Bluetooth list is LC BT-2. It supports all the latest Hi-res Bluetooth codecs like the LDAC, AptX HD, and more.

FiiO LC BT-2-6

The connection is pretty strong, I roamed around my office while testing the cable and it provides a great connection range without any distortion and signal issues. The Bluetooth connection is lag-free, it offers precise video synchronization over Bluetooth connection providing its users an opportunity to watch movies without any wire hassles.

Sound Impressions:-

FiiO LC BT-2-7

The Sound Quality with the FiiO LC BT-2 paired with Shozy Form 1.4 has a better sound quality than its stock wire, the sound quality has got good detail retrieval, Natural sounding mids, a quick deep bass with precise clarity, and a smooth treble response, what improved is the bass response it the thumps are more deeper and thicker, the staging felt wider as compared to the stock wire, stage felt full of depth here with the FiiO LC BT-2. With a wider staging, it also has great instrument imaging even in quick songs. The instrument details are retrieved properly, there is no sibilance or distortion even at louder volumes. It sounded exactly like it was with its wired cable, there is no loss of details as the cable supports all kinds of Hi-res Bluetooth codecs.

Using the Shozy Form 1.4 with the FiiO LC BT-2 cable felt very easy and helpful, I have usually faced issues while traveling to my office in Public Transports, At the Gym, even at my office I have faced issues with my earphone cables getting stuck here or there, I really felt it easy to use my earphones with this wire, there were no cable worries, just pure music to enjoy.

Final Impressions:-

FiiO LC BT-2-8

The FiiO LC BT-2 is a very good quality Bluetooth cable with neckband design, it offers a variety of Hi-res Bluetooth codecs, providing its users a high-quality sound output. The cable has a very good build quality with a silicone neckband design it is very flexible and sweat and oil resistant, when flexed the cable retains its original shape in an instant. There are volume controls and other buttons on the neckband which makes it easier to adjust volume and start/stop the music. I really loved the ease of use for this cable along with Shozy Form 1.4, and will be making this as my daily go-to cable.

You can buy the FiiO LC BT-2 Bluetooth cable from our store here.

Differences between FiiO LC BT-2 and LC BT-1:-

>The LC BT-2 has a silicone material neckband design, making the cable very flexible and strong, while the previous generation LC BT-1 was using a traditional Bluetooth cable design with no such flexibility features.

>The LC BT-2 features Hi-res Bluetooth codecs like the LDAC, Apt X HD while the previous generation had only till Apt X.

>The LC BT-2 has a battery life of up to 24 hours of playback or 350 hours of deep sleep standby time, while the BT-1 had a battery life of only 10 hours.

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