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DUNU Zen Unboxing & Quick Review:- Single DD Pleasure!!

DUNU Zen Unboxing & Quick Review:- Single DD Pleasure!!

While half of the world is running towards increasing the number of drivers in an IEM, Premium brands like DUNU are focusing on delivering quality sound whether it be with their multi-BA driver Studio SA6 or their single DD flagship DUNU Luna. Just a few weeks back, DUNU has returned to the single DD game with their latest pair, the DUNU Zen. It is based on DUNU’s latest ECLIPSE driver technology and has a price tag of 699.99$.

I, being a fan of DUNU’s products, grabbed the latest Zen. Today I am gonna share my unboxing and initial impressions for the pair. So let’s begin.

Unboxing Impressions:-

DUNU always presents its products in an impressive manner. I remember my unboxing for DUNU LUNA, DUNU DK-3001 Pro they were simply amazing, a lot of accessories. Well, the case is the same as the DUNU Zen. Similar to other products, the Zen has all the contents sitting firmly inside in foam layers. On the top layer, we have beautiful earpieces and a cable. Underneath the first layer, we have the three termination plugs for the DUNU’s quick switch cable. The package includes a 3.5mm single-ended, 2.5mm balanced, and a 4.4mm pentaconn balanced plug. There are a few pairs of silicone ear tips in a little case on this layer. Other accessories include an airplane adapter, one 6.35mm adapter, one shirt clip, one cleaning brush, and a cleaning cloth. Overall the unboxing experience is impressive.

DUNU Zen-6

Build Quality:-

The DUNU Zen has ultimate beautiful looks, the pair catches the eye in an instant with its beautiful glossy black finish. The earpieces are made up of high-quality stainless steel material and with a glossy finish, they are a fingerprint magnet. They are also a bit heavier as compared to Resin ear shells. But with these ergonomics, they fit quite well. Face panels have a small vent. Glossy stainless steel earpieces give a premium and rich finish to the pair.

DUNU Zen-1

The included cable is also of very good quality. It is a silver-plated monocrystalline copper cable with DUNU’s patented quick switch replaceable plugs. Overall the build quality of the pair and the included accessories is very good.


DUNU Zen-2

The Zen has small-sized earpieces with a slightly long ear nozzle. It doesn’t go very deep into the ears, but they do seal the ear canal completely and provide a comfortable fit with a good level of noise isolation for long listening sessions.

Driving the DUNU Zen:-

To power up the DUNU Zen I tested the pair with a bunch of my gears including my smartphone Samsung Galaxy S10, the latest iBasso DX300, and a Topping E30+L30 combo, and here are my findings.

The Dunu Zen has a sensitivity rating of 112dB at 16Ω, it can be powered well using a smartphone only too. Surprisingly the pair scales well with a better source and provides better extensions.

DUNU Zen with Samsung Galaxy S10:-

The smartphone can drive the single DD Zen at adequate volumes. Low and high-end extensions are not that great though but can be used portably with smartphones.

DUNU Zen with iBasso DX300(4.4mm):-

DUNU Zen-3

With the DX300, the Zen opens up with its full potential. The pair simply sounds amazing with lively detailed sound output. There are good extensions at both ends with this pairing.

DUNU Zen with Topping E30+L30:-

The soundstage width and depth is just amazing in this combo. Extension wise it is quite similar to the DX300 pairing. I loved this pairing for its better staging.

Sound Quality:-

DUNU Zen-4

The final impressions for this review are done on DX300, as I enjoyed the pairing the most for its ease of use and good driving power. The DUNU Zen sounds phenomenal, it has an impactful lower end, Transparent, detailed mid-frequencies, and a relaxed high-frequency response. I find it to have a fun, enjoyable signature with a smooth, relaxed response. Most of the time I listen to Rock, Hip-hop, and Vocal-based genres, the pair make them sound quite amazing.

Lower end:-

The DUNU Zen produces an impressive lower end with quick punchy bass. The bass slams are precise, deep, and impactful. Sub-bass shows good rumble. The lower end is controlled well within its region and never sounds overdone.  Quick, fast punches complement the other frequencies well and present a fun signature. The Sub-bass in Bad Guy by Billie Eilish produces a powerful rumble in my ears.


The pair produces beautiful, airy mid frequencies. There is a slight bump in the upper mids, that brings the vocals upfront. Both male and female vocals sound rich and well-detailed. I enjoyed listening to my favorite vocal artist Yao Si Ting with such smooth, beautiful female vocals. Acoustic guitars, Piano’s have a natural response with the DUNU Zen. Loved the pair for live recordings.


The treble frequencies are relaxed with a hint of sparkle. The pair sounds relaxed and smooth, there is no fatiguing or harshness with any genre of music. Instruments in complex, fast tracks like Dani California by RHCP, Zombies by Bad Wolves are presented with good detail retrieval. I find the Treble frequencies to be a bit tamed and warm.

Soundstage & Imaging:-

The DUNU Zen produces a wide soundstage. It has a 3D feel to it with a good sense of depth. Listening to live recording is simply blissful with quality imaging. It’s very easy to pick out different instruments being played on the stage. I loved the staging and Imaging aspect of the pair.

DUNU Zen-5

Final Verdict:-

If you are looking for a relaxing, smooth-sounding flagship pair with quality detail retrieval, the DUNU Zen is the right choice for you. You get a high-purity premium audio cable with replaceable termination plugs with a lot of other accessories. I just loved the pair for its vocals detailing, Instrument clarity, and a punchy, powerful lower end. It checks all the boxes as my perfect IEM, Fun Punchy Bass, check; Crisp lush vocals, check, smooth non-fatiguing signature, double check!! Grab this awesome pair from the Hifigo store here.

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