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DUNU Luna Beryllium IEM Impressions:- An Extra Ordinary Experience!!

DUNU Luna Beryllium IEM Impressions:- An Extra Ordinary Experience!!

We all know DUNU as an exquisite IEM manufacturing brand from China. They are manufacturing some amazing IEM’s for the audiophile community. DUNU DK-4001/ DK-3001 Pro are some of their famous multi-driver hybrid IEM’s. But as technology is developing all-around people are anticipating more innovations in the community. We have known many DD iem’s with beryllium coated driver units, but now the community was asking can they see a fully beryllium driver IEM’s?. And this is when DUNU introduced the world with World’s First Pure Beryllium Driver IEM, the Dunu Luna.

Dunu Luna-1

The Dunu Luna is the world’s first pure beryllium driver IEM, yes the driver is made up of pure Beryllium material. The design for this flagship pair signifies the first Moon Landing, the surface of faceplate has that lunar design to it. The earpieces are made up of high quality titanium alloy. It is a very rare and costly material. It is very lightweight and stiff, provides a very lightweight to the earpieces while providing a strong and tough build to them. Beryllium driver material has very high internal damping that results in a flat and linear response throughout the frequency range and provides great extensions at the lower end and higher end. A complete Beryllium driver results in an extraordinary sound clarity with an amazing and airy stage representation.

Today we have brought a unit of Dunu Luna for ourselves and we are going to unbox and share our initial impressions with you all. But before we start you can buy this outstanding pair at our store here.


Dunu Luna-2

Dunu Luna-3

For a flagship pair, the packaging is supposed to be outstanding too. And when you see the Dunu Luna packaging only you will realize its a very well designed yet simple packaging. It is a full black packaging with just the Dunu Luna branding printed on the front. As we remove the topmost cardboard and pull out the main packaging box, it has written presented by Dunu. Inside it, the IEM and other accessories are placed in layers, the topmost layer contains just the beautiful pair of Dunu Luna Earpieces and a stainless steel engraved Luna branding below it. The steel sheet has a unit number of your unit of Luna. Below this layer, the second layer has its bundled modular plug design cable which is made up of Furukawa Pure single crystal copper and DHC pure silver mixed material. There are four modular plugs here, from 3.5mm Single-ended to 4.4mm balanced you have got everything here in the package. Four pairs of silicone ear tips in Blue color. On the lower level to this, we got a Dunu carry case to carry your earphone around with you. Three pairs of spin fit ear tips, equivalent to the cp100 variant from the brand. You get another three pairs of silicone ear tips in black color. You also get a USB Type C dongle with its USB adapter to connect it to your laptop or PC. The Dongle provides good sound quality with good noise floor control. Below this layer you get a leather zipper case, that can easily carry your IEM’s with your player, has enough space to carry a Cayin N8.

Dunu Luna-4

Dunu Luna-5

Overall the Packaging and accessories provide the users with a luxurious and rich feel. The pair has a premium packaging and surely makes it worthy of its flagship level.

Build Quality:-

DUNU Luna-6

As Dunu has advertised the product and dedicated the Luna to mark the Moon’s Landing 50 years ago, the entire design and build of Luna represents that. The Dunu Luna is designed with a circular, concave faceplate design, which looks like a physical representation of the changing albedo of the moon's surface across each moon phase. The inner facet of the earphone shell preserves distinct lines, creating natural contour similar to the topography over the moon's surface. Since the IEM is made up of high-quality titanium alloy, it is very lightweight. It feels really strong and tough. And with such a small form factor and lightweight, it provides a comfortable and firm fit to users. Apart from the earpieces, all the other accessories included in the package are also well built and adds to the rich form factor of the pair. You can easily carry your IEM’s with a DAP in the leather zipper case, the modular cable design makes it easy to use the pair with each and every player available in the market. It comes with four modular plugs, 3.5mm SE, 3.5mm Pro(balanced 3.5mm plug), 2.5mm balanced plug, and 4.4mm balanced plug.

Sound Impressions:-

Dunu Luna-7

DUNU Luna-8

Well, we simply don’t have enough words for the sound impression for this gem. The pair sounds extraordinarily brilliant. It has a reference level studio sound feel to it. The pair has got a good thumpy bass response, that is clean, deep, and quick. EDM songs just sound full of life, nicely detailed bass with a clean response and greats depths. The vocals felt natural and moist. Listening to songs like those by John Mayer, Sara Bareilles, Damien Rice was amazing, You could feel the emotion of the vocalist. The acoustic details are represented beautifully, acoustic guitars in Boyce Avenue cover sessions is outstanding and feels alive. The highs section is very smooth and detailed, you will love how beautifully it reproduces even the micro details in your music with a natural timbre and detailed representation. The soundstage is very airy and wide, It produces brilliant instruments. The stage has a 3D feel to it, wide, and has that feeling of depth. In our opinion listening to music on the Dunu Luna is a different experience very different from other flagships. The IEM suits for any genre of music we threw at it, we played some EDM by Hardwell, Armin Van Burren, We played some Linkin Park songs, some vocals as mentioned earlier, and much more. And we loved each and everyone on the Luna. The Luna surely represents the sound in a manner that it provides everything, it is balanced and natural, it has brilliant clean bass, natural-sounding mids with lovely vocals, and not to mention that detailed treble.

Dunu Luna-9

Overall in the end, we only wanna say, the Dunu Luna nails in every department. Whether it be looks, packaging, or its outstanding sound quality. It provides everything worthy of its flagship tag and provides the users with an extraordinary experience that everyone will love for sure.

If you liked our impressions and think that the pair will suit your sound preferences, you can buy the pair at our store here.

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Passerby - May 12, 2020

Although this article says that not only the driver but also the ear shells of LUNA are made up of pure beryllium material, as long as I confirm on the official page of DUNU, the housing material of LUNA is not beryllium but “titanium alloy” is specified.
In the first place, pure beryllium is highly toxic, and it is too dangerous to make it into a part that directly touches the skin like an earphone housing (unless special treatment is applied to seal the surface), so I don’t think it is possible…
Only the diaphragm is made of pure beryllium.

I think it’s a misleading description, so I would like to comment on it.

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