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5 Upgrades in Xduoo 05BL Pro vs. 05BL Bluetooth Accessory for XD-05 or XD-05 Plus DAC amplifier | Hifigo

5 Upgrades in Xduoo 05BL Pro vs. 05BL Bluetooth Accessory for XD-05 or XD-05 Plus DAC amplifier | Hifigo

Xduoo lingers on the budget-audiophile oriented tier, but, they always offers very good value.XD 05 DAC amplifier—a DAC/amp that changed the game with its versatile desktop-to-pocket portability— being a notable model that was instantly met with wide acclaim. Their new XD 05+ upgraded on XD 05, is sold out in many stores often after launching. However, both XD 05 and XD 05 plus do not support Bluetooth by themself, but do have an add-on, the 05BL that adds this functionality. The accessory 05BL is upgraded as well after two months launching of XD05 plus - named Xduoo 05BL Pro 


Building on the success of the highly regarded Xduoo BL05, the Xduoo BL05 Pro as a Bluetooth accessory of XD05 plus or XD05, keeps old favorites while adding a host of new features.

Specifications Xduoo 05BL Xduoo 05BL Pro
PRICE (USD) US$55 US$69.99
Bluetooth  Chip V 5.0  V5.0
Bluetooth Chip CSR8670 CSR8675
Formats Support SBC,AAC,aptX SBC,AAC,aptX,aptX_LL,aptx_HD,LDAC
LED indicator x Different  colors for formats 
Communication Range 10m 10m
Microphone x cVc noise cancelation technology
Output Coax Coax
Charging Port Micro USB USB Type - C 
Output Amplitude 0.5Vp-p 0.5Vp-p
Battery life 15 hours 15 hours
Charging time 2 hours 2 hours
Size 75x23x15(29)mm 75x23x15(29)mm
Weight  30g 30g


1.Bluetooth Chip

New on the 05BL Pro are an CSR8675 Bluetooth chipset to improve transmission. 

2. Formats Support

 The format aptX_LL,aptx_HD,LDAC added on the upgraded BL05 Pro accessory.

3. LED indicator as an addition

Indicator lights are nearly featured on all the popular portable DAC AMPs, Xduoo add this Bluetooth audio codec indicator light on 05BL PRO as well. 

4. Microphone with cVc technology as an addition

Microphone on BL05 Pro as an addition with cVc technology. cVc is a suite of algorithms that work on the transmission and receiving path of voice calls to deliver optimum voice quality.

5. Update to USB Type-C charging port

 Onboard USB-C ports to update connectivity



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