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Yanyin Moonlight Ultra: Brand New Flagship IEMs with 4BA+4EST+1DD Tribrid Driver Configuration

Yanyin Moonlight Ultra: Brand New Flagship IEMs with 4BA+4EST+1DD Tribrid Driver Configuration

Yanyin is a new name in the market. But in a short span of time, Yanyin has made a good name in the industry. The brand was founded by a group of audio lovers with the primary aim to design great-sounding in-ear monitors with respect to their prices. The brand has multiple successful products under its name including the Yanyin Cannon and the Yanyin Moonlight. Today, Yanyin has released a successor to the amazing Moonlight with the announcement of the all-new Yanyin Moonlight Ultra. The latest Moonlight Ultra features a nine-driver turbid configuration on each side. It’s a highly-capable in-ear monitor capable of delivering fuller, enjoyable sound for everyday listening.

Yanyin Moonlight Ultra-1

Moonlight Ultra is launched officially for 1289$, you can check out more details here.

Moonlight features a combination of nine drivers on each side. It features a 10mm bio-diaphragm dynamic driver unit, four Sonion, and Knowles BA drivers, and four Sonion EST drivers. In order to get the best out of the drivers, Yanyin has carefully adjusted the tuning of the pair with a four-way frequency crossover. The 10mm DD unit here produces a deep-hitting bass response with extended sub-bass. The midrange has got lovely vocals and crisp clarity for instruments thanks to two high-performance BA drivers(1 from Sonion and the other from Knowles). Moonlight Ultra has got a crisp and detailed high-frequency response with two BA drivers from Knowles. The four SONION EST drivers produce exceptional clarity in the ultra-high frequency region. Yanyin Moonlight Ultra has got an expanded frequency response producing as low as 20Hz and going as high as 40kHz.

Yanyin Moonlight Ultra-2

Yanyin Moonlight Ultra allows users to adjust the output to their liking. The pair features three independent tuning switches present on the shell which allows for quick and precise output quality adjustments. Yanyin has treated the pair with exceptional looks with a hand-painted face cover. The face covers are completely hand-painted with each unit having a rich designer glittery design. The shells are made up of high-quality skin-friendly medical-grade resin material. It not only features an ergonomic shape but also has lightweight characteristics ensuring a super comfortable fit for most users.

Yanyin Moonlight Ultra-3

Yanyin Moonlight Ultra comes with a newly-upgraded cable made using 26AWG 6N single-crystal copper and 26AWG 5N Pure Silver wire cores in a hybrid structure. The cable has a 24AWG oxygen-free copper material shielding layer. It is equipped with Bispa plugs to enhance the sound quality of the pair. Moonlight Ultra is an interesting flagship-grade product designed to deliver purely musical, natural sound output with exceptional clarity and resolution. The pair is currently available on pre-order for 1289$. Check out more details here.

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