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xDuoo XD05 Pro Flagship Portable USB DAC/AMP With Swappable Audio Module Design

xDuoo XD05 Pro Flagship Portable USB DAC/AMP With Swappable Audio Module Design

xDuoo over the years has garnered a lot of praise for its XD05 series of portable USB DAC/Amps. The series goes years back with the original release of the XD05 which later got many successful iterations such as the XD05 Basic, XD05 Bal, etc. xDuoo has recently released a successor, a brand-new flagship to the XD05 Series with the launch of the all-new xDuoo XD05 Pro. XD05 Pro is the ultimate flagship-level portable/transportable USB DAC/AMP that we all needed. Equipped with top-quality hardware such as a flagship DAC chipset, class A amplification, and advanced features such as swappable audio modules and OPAMPs, the XD05 Pro is an outstanding device crafted for perfect sound enjoyment!!

xDuoo XD05 Pro-1

xDuoo’s latest XD05 Pro is launched officially for 799.99$, You can check out more information here.

You can play around with the XD05 Pro. The device has swappable audio modules that allow you to get a completely different sound signature with the device. By default, xDuoo bundles the XD05 Pro with ESS’s latest-generation ES9039S Pro DAC chipset audio module. xDuoo has also released another module with ROHM’s BD34301EKV DAC chipset that can be purchased separately. Sideways, xDuoo is also working on developing other modules with AKM and R2R-based DAC setups. XD05 Pro also allows the users to easily swap the OPAMPs out and get their desired performance with the device. The stock module, the ES9039S Pro, delivers top-quality sound. It achieved class-leading SNR performance with ultra-low distortion characteristics. xDuoo XD05 Pro features XMOS XU316 16-core USB processor. It enables decoding for high-resolution audio signals and supports PCM 32-Bit/768kHz and native DSD512 audio signals. XD05 Pro also supports 8x MQA unfolding bringing studio-grade performance to your chain.

xDuoo XD05 Pro-2

xDuoo XD05 Pro features a Class A amplification chipset. It provides a consistent performance with high-power output thrust. XD05 Pro has an ultimately powerful output rating of up to 2W per channel at 32Ω of load. xDuoo has featured a three-level gain mode with precise digital volume adjustment that allows for easy pairing with both low-sensitivity and high-sensitivity IEMs and Headphones. The XD05 Pro supports multiple input-output options. YOu can feed the signal to the XD05 Pro using USB, Aux(3.5+4.4mm), AES, Bluetooth, etc input options. With Qualcomm’s latest QCC5125 Bluetooth chipset, the XD05 pro supports stable and lag-free wireless Bluetooth connectivity featuring advanced Hi-Res codecs such as LDAC, AptX HD, AptX LL, etc.

xDuoo XD05 Pro-3

xDuoo XD05 Pro has an exquisite finish. The device features dual display screens, one displays settings such as active mode, active battery level, etc. while the other displays the active volume level. xDuoo bundles the XD05 Pro with high-quality USB connector cables with proper shielding to protect the signal from external interference. It houses a high-capacity 13600mAh Battery pack that provides the monstrous device with a whooping battery life of up to 20H(Aux mode), and up to 11H while using on USB mode. This high-capacity battery also supports fast charging support. The XD05 Pro can also work on a 12V power supply.

xDuoo XD05 Pro-4

xDuoo XD05 Pro is a flagship-grade USB DAC/AMP that promises nothing less than top-quality performance. Get an amazing performance with your favourite headphones by driving them properly with the Almighty XD05 Pro. This beast device is launched officially for 799.99$m check out more details here.

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