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xDuoo X-R01 Multilayer Acrylic Stand For HiFi Desktop Gears

xDuoo X-R01 Multilayer Acrylic Stand For HiFi Desktop Gears

xDuoo is a famous brand well-recognized among audiophiles and audio enthusiasts for its brilliant range of portable and desktop audio gears. They excel in designing Audio Decoders(DACs), Headphone Amplifiers, and Power Amplifiers. Today, xDuoo has released a rather unique but very important product for the market, presenting the all-new xDuoo X-R01.

xDuoo X-R01

xDuoo X-R01 is a high-quality Rack where users can set up their components neatly. It is launched officially for 129.99$, check more details here.

xDuoo X-R01 features a multiple-layer structure allowing the users to easily put up to three products including the DAC, the headphone amplifier, and the digital power amplifier in the rack. It is suitable for stacking small amps and decoders. They have used high-hardness acrylic boards for the base on each layer on the rack. The layers are connected and arranged with Hardened Aluminum columns on all four sides. X-R01 offers a stable platform for your desktop gears!!

xDuoo X-R01-2

If you have a desktop chain, the xDuoo X-R01 surely helps you in creating a neat and clean setup where you can place each component in its own dedicated space. xDuoo X-R01 is launched officially for 129.99$. Refer here for more information!!

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