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xDuoo Releases MU-602 High-Performance SPDIF Digital DAC With Premium Decoding Chipset

xDuoo Releases MU-602 High-Performance SPDIF Digital DAC With Premium Decoding Chipset

xDuoo has released a brand-new digital DAC, presenting the all-new xDuoo MU-602. It’s a high-performance Digital DAC that supports SPDIF Coaxial and Optical inputs and houses dual RCA output ports. MU-602 also has EQ functions with Bass and Treble adjustment knobs placed at the front of the device. There’s also a third knob for independent volume adjustment. MU-602 is specifically designed to be used with digital sources such as TVs, Gaming Consoles, CD/DVD players, PCs, and more.

xDuoo MU-602-1

xDuoo MU-602 High-Performance SPDIF DAC is identical to the recently launched “MT” series of headphone amplifiers from xDuoo. It’s launched officially for 109$, check out more information here.

MU-602 can be connected to a TV, Set-Top Box, Gaming Consoles, and various other devices that have a Coaxial or Optical connection port. With the MU-602 enhance your audio experience, and get a Movie-Theatre like experience at your home. As for outputs, MU-602 features dual RCA outputs that users can connect with further amplifiers or directly into active speakers. xDuoo MU-602 comes equipped with a high-performance PCM1763 digital decoding chipset. With the PCM1763, MU-602 decodes high-resolution 24-bit/192kHz PCM signals with ultra-low distortion and an extremely clean background. PCM1763 has a smooth, warmish sound signature, that will complement your music well. 

xDuoo MU-602-2

MU-602 features independent knobs on the front of the device. These allow for easy output adjustments with one knob for Treble adjustment, the second for the Bass adjustment, and the third for the independent volume adjustment. Bass and Treble knobs allows the users to adjust the output within a range of -12dB to +12dB. One can easily customize the output based to their liking, want some extra punch, and just boost up the Bass knob. xDuoo MU-602 adopts high-quality Japanese Rubicon and ELNA capacities for unmatched sound performance with smooth tonality.

xDuoo MU-602-3

MU-602 has got a premium build with a Sand-Blasted Textured panel and hard aluminum alloy shell. The alloy shell effectively protects the internal components and signal from any external interference. The design and finish of the MU-602 is identical to that of the “MT” series of headphone amplifiers from xDuoo. The MU-602 has got an attractive price tag of just 109$, check out more information over here.

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