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xDuoo MT-603: Latest 12AU7 Tube Pre-Amplifier!!

xDuoo MT-603: Latest 12AU7 Tube Pre-Amplifier!!

Have you looked at the “MT” series of tube hybrid amplifiers from xDuoo?? If not, you are missing on some really amazing tube hybrid amplifiers that are not only amazing in terms of sound but also have affordable prices. The series has multiple products, each having its own particular use scenario like the MT601 single-tube single-ended headphone amplifier, or the MT604 Quad-Tube fully balanced headphone amplifier. Today, xDuoo has released a new product in the famous “MT” series of amplifiers, but this time it’s not a headphone amplifier, in fact, it’s a tube pre-amplifier, meet the all-new xDuoo MT-603.

xDuoo MT603-1

xDuoo MT-603 is a multiple-choice tube pre-amplifier featuring a high-quality 12AU7 tube in the pre-amp stage for adding a smooth, soft touch to the sound signal. It has four aux inputs(three RCA and one 3.5mm), and one RCA output. Add the xDuoo MT-603 in your desktop audio chains and get that soft, musical, tubey touch for just 109$, quite attractive, isn’t it!!


>High-Quality 12AU7 Tube.

>Four Aux Inputs.

>One Aux Output.

>Toneluck Push Button Switches.

>Professional-grade Capacitors for Quality Performance.

>Gold-Plated RCA Plugs.

>Sandblasted Texture & Aluminum Alloy Chassis.

>Frequency Response: 10Hz-40kHz.

>THD+N: </= 0.01%.

>SNR: 100dB.

>Gain: 0dB.

>Power Supply: DC12V/2A.

>Dimensions: 12x7.8x4cm.

>Weight: 0.36Kg.

xDuoo MT603-2

Soft, Musical Sound Processed By The Goodness Of Tubes:-

xDuoo MT-603 adds the goodness of tubes with the help of a high-performance 12AU7 tube that makes the sound soft and smooth. It adds a touch of sweetness to the sound making it more musical and enjoyable. Just add the MT-603 pre-amplifier in your chain and enjoy your music with a softness like never before.

Multiple Audio Input Ports:-

xDuoo MT-603 has four different input ports including one 3.5mm aux input and three RCA input. You can connect multiple devices with the MT-603 at once and switch them as per your requirements.

xDuoo MT603-3

High-Quality Toneluck Switches:-

xDuoo has featured premium Toneluck push button switches on the MT-603. Toneluck is a well-known brand that manufactures switches and OEM parts for many world-famous brands in different categories. They are durable and have a rich feel to them.

Premium Aluminum Alloy Shell:-

The latest MT-603 follows the premium, exquisite build of the “MT” series with a sandblasted texture panel and a solid aluminum alloy case. It provides a solid, sturdy build and effectively prevents any external signal interference.

xDuoo MT603-4

Price & Availability:-

xDuoo MT-603 is officially launched at an attractive price tag of 109$. Bring home the tube smoothness for just 109$, order yours today!!

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