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xDuoo MP-01 Phono Tube Pre-Amplifier & Headphone Amplifier

xDuoo MP-01 Phono Tube Pre-Amplifier & Headphone Amplifier

xDuoo is a reputed brand in the audiophile industry. The brand has a wide range of products specializing in both portable as well as desktop gear such as audio decoders, headphones amplifiers, etc. xDuoo has come up with a brand new Phono tube preamplifier and headphone amplifier, presenting the all-new xDuoo MP-01. Specially made for LP Vinyl players that have Phono output support. Usually, they have very low output power which needs many stages of amplification to be used with speakers as well as headphones, the MP-01 serves as a key product in the chain acting as a headphone amplifier and also as a pre-amp for further speaker power amplifiers in the chain!! Dual Tube design makes the vocals rich and dense making them full of life!!

xDuoo MP-01

xDuoo MP-01 is launched officially for 149$, you can check out more information here.

xDuoo has designed the MP-01 with a dual-tube design. It features two 6N3 tubes in the front stage amplification stage. The dual tube design gives the vocal and instruments a delicate and soft touch. They are rich and showcase a lovely tone. The tubes are also replaceable, users can replace them with 6H3N, JAN-5680W, and other electronic tubes and enjoy different flavors of sound.

xDuoo MP01-2

Usually in an LP Vinyl system, the bass and treble frequencies get low with time. xDuoo MP-01 helps you compensate for them using independent bass and treble adjustment knobs allowing you a full adjustment range between -6 to +6dB. The xDuoo MP-01 features Phono input supporting both MM and MC devices. It also has Aux input that helps you pair other modern devices such as audio decoders, PC, TV, etc. xDuoo MP-01 can also be used as a headphone amplifier. The device has a single-ended 6.35mm headphone output that provides up to 320mW of clear signal with low distortion at 32Ω of impedance load.

xDuoo MP01-3

xDuoo has got years of expertise in designing premium quality desktop audio gear. The proper craftsmanship is clearly visible with the outstanding build quality of the MP-01. It is made up of a high-quality sand-blasted aluminum alloy shell which helps in dissipating the heat generated during operation and also serves as a protective barrier for the sound signal from the outer interferences. You can enjoy your favorite music with your favorite turntable!! xDuoo MP-01 is priced attractively at just 149$, you can check more information here.

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