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Whizzer Launches Kylin HE10 6th Anniversary 10.2mm CNT Dynamic Driver IEMs

Whizzer Launches Kylin HE10 6th Anniversary 10.2mm CNT Dynamic Driver IEMs

Whizzer has introduced the all-new Kylin HE10 single-dynamic driver in-ear monitors. Designed by J.IDEA+, the HE10 is the 6th anniversary special from the brand. It looks simply stunning with a rich matte grey and golden-colored ear shells. The pair comes with a specially developed 10.2mm 5th generation CNT diaphragm dynamic driver unit. It provides crisp high-resolution sound output tuned in line with the KAI(Kylin Acoustic In-Ear Target Response) frequency curve. Whizzer Kyline HE10 is a fantastic set with exciting sound tuning!!

Whizzer HE10-1

Whizzer HE10 is launched officially for 70$. You can check out more details here.

The HE10 is equipped with a 10.2mm dynamic driver unit. It is specially developed for the HE10. The driver adopts a full metallic build with a dual-chamber design. It benefits from a high-quality CNT(Carbon Nano Tube) diaphragm coil, premium CCAW Voice Coil, powerful magnetic architecture, and a specially developed cavity structure. Whizzer HE10 delivers the quality sound output with rich clarity and lower distortion.

Whizzer HE10-2

Whizzer has finely adjusted the tuning of the HE10 based on their newly-developed KAI frequency curve. KAI refers to Kylin Acoustic In-Ear Target response. It has been developed after years of expertise by the brand in designing premium in-ear monitors. The curve is based on the Harman Target and promises a natural sound with an open staging. You get these benefits in the sound performance of the HE10.

Whizzer HE10-3

As a brand, Whizzer is known for its nicely designed IEMs. The HE10 here is no different at all. Designed by J.IDEA+, the pair looks absolutely beautiful. It has a beautiful combination of matte grey along with golden-colored outlining. You can notice the minute details are preserved as Kylin Acoustics is printed nicely on the golden-colored frame. The cavity structure of HE10 ear shells is designed with great precision. They are crafted using FEA(Finite Element Analysis) Simulation technology where the brand has finalized the structure after countless simulation designs. It features a precisely designed rear cavity chamber that greatly reduces the resonance sound in the output signal improving the high-frequency smoothness of the HE10.

Whizzer HE10-4

Whizzer bundles the pair with high-quality accessories. You get three different kinds of custom color-coordinated silicone tips including EasyTips ET100, SS20, and VC20. Apart from that you get a high-quality 5N OFC silver-plated stock cable and a metallic carry case. The pair adopts standard 0.78mm 2-pin connectors and a standard 3.5mm termination plug. Whizzer HE10 is a great-looking set priced quite attractively at just 70$, make sure you check more details here.

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