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Vivo Neo TWS Bluetooth V5.2 Announced!!

Vivo Neo TWS Bluetooth V5.2 Announced!!

Truly wireless is an emerging technology in earphones. People are opting TWS for commuting and gym usage now as there are no issues due to cables and one can workout/travel freely. Brands from all across the globe are also bringing us new innovations in the TWS department. Vivo, a very famous China-based brand has unveiled its latest pair of TWS earphones, the Vivo Neo. It is the very first pair in the market with the latest Bluetooth V5.2 connectivity. The pair is priced at 99$, check out more details at our store here.

Vivo Neo TWS-1

Features of Vivo Neo TWS:-

>Exception Audio Experience with large 14.2mm Drivers.

>World’s first TWS with Bluetooth V5.2 connectivity.

>Low latency mode with latency 88ms, really good for gaming and videos.

>Three DeepX Stereo modes for a customized listening experience.

>Up to 27 hours of battery life with the charging case.

>IP54 Waterproof.

>Jovi Voice Assistant.

>One-Touch Pairing.

>Lightweight Design.

Superb Sound Experience:-

The Vivo Neo TWS provides an unmatched sound quality experience. The earphones are equipped with large 14.2mm driver units that produce powerful sound output. It features Hi-res AptX and AAC HD codecs for high-quality sound over a wireless Bluetooth connection.

World’s First TWS with Bluetooth V5.2 Connectivity:-

Vivo Neo TWS-2

The Vivo Neo TWS is the world’s first TWS of earbuds that features Bluetooth V5.2 connectivity. It offers a better and stable connection compared to the previous versions with support for better low latency modes.

Low-Latency Gaming Mode:-

The biggest issue with a wireless connection is the audio-video lag due to high latency. Vivo Neo TWS features low latency gaming mode with a latency rating of just 88ms. It shows no audio-video lag and is suitable for use while gaming or watching videos.

Sound As Per Your Preference, DeepX Stereo Modes:-

Vivo Neo TWS-3

The Vivo Neo TWS features three different DeepX stereo modes that users can choose easily as per their sound preferences. The modes included are Bass Centric, one that optimizes deep bass, the second mode for clear voice, for crisp vocals, and the third mode focused for the high-frequency portion that provides superb detailed treble section.

Smart Noise Reduction Over Calls:-

The Vivo Neo TWS is equipped with dual microphones that eliminate ambient noises such as wind interferences while running, commuting, and more. It provides crystal clear voice transmission without any interruptions.

Dual Capacitance In-Ear Sensing Technology:-

The Vivo Neo TWS comes equipped with the industry’s first dual-capacitance in-ear sensing technology that is very accurate and power-efficient.

Smooth Touch Operation, IP54 Water Resistant, and Much More:-

The Vivo Neo TWS is loaded with features like one-touch pairing, touch controls, voice assistant support, and more. The pair has IP54 waterproof rating, that makes the pair rain and sweat proof.

High-Quality Music All-Day:-

The Vivo Neo TWS has long battery life, earpieces can play music for up to 5.5 hours on a single charge. With the charging case, the pair can last up to 27 hours. So users can enjoy high-quality music all day long without worrying about battery life.

Vivo Neo TWS-4

The Vivo Neo TWS looks like a very promising pair of earphones that is loaded with the latest features. It offers superb sound quality, instant pairing, voice assistant support, and much more. The pair is available for only 99$, grab one for yourself here.

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