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Unique Melody Releases All-New Multiverse Mentor Frequency Shift Hybid 13-Driver In-Ear Monitors

Unique Melody Releases All-New Multiverse Mentor Frequency Shift Hybid 13-Driver In-Ear Monitors

Unique Melody has released an update to its classic Mentor series of premium hybrid in-ear monitors. They have released the brand new Unique Melody Multiverse Mentor. Following the success of Mentor 3+, the latest Multiverse Mentor brings a 13-driver hybrid configuration to the table. Experience engineers at Unique Melody have designed the latest Multiverse Mentor with all-new Frequency Shift technology. The pair comes with a newly-developed Frequency Shift Piezoelectric Bone Conduction Driver that brings an all-new experience with the set!!

Unique Melody Multiverse Mentor-1

The latest Unique Melody Multiverse Mentor is launched officially for 4499$, you can refer here for more details and purchase.

Based on the concept of Multiverse(a collection of unknown universes), the latest Mentor Multiverse breaks through the barriers of traditional technologies and packs all-new innovations. The pair features Frequency Shift Technology which greatly reduces the resonance point of the drivers to less than 20kHz. It helps the Multiverse Mentor to deliver impressive performance across the human hearing range. You will be able to hear details from your music you must have never heard before. Unique Melody Multiverse Mentor promises excellent resolution, natural tonality, and a great listening experience for its users, a true flagship IEM!!

Unique Melody Multiverse Mentor-2

Multiverse Mentor houses twelve high-performance balanced armature driver units on each side. They are complemented by a Frequency Shift Piezoelectric Bone Conduction driver unit. The drivers are arranged in a five-way frequency crossover delivering quality sound with lower distortion. The brand has equipped the pair with four BA drivers for powerful bass response, two for a magical midrange, two for crisp mids and treble response, four BA drivers for a lively treble response and the Bone Conduction driver is tuned for the entire frequency band.

Unique Melody Multiverse Mentor-3

Unique Melody has always treated its pairs with excellent craftsmanship. The latest Multiverse Mentor is no different here. The pair has got aviation-grade carbon fiber ear shells with an ink-blue ceramic inner frame. They have 3D curved Banksia Seed faceplates for a unique texture and premium finish. Unique Melody packs the Multiverse Mentor with PW Audio’s premium Deep Of Universe Silver-Plated Copper and Copper Hybrid Cable. The pair packs a top-tier performance, and is available for 4499$!!

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