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Unique Melody 3D Terminator Tri-Dynamic IEM Available On HiFiGo!!

Unique Melody 3D Terminator Tri-Dynamic IEM Available On HiFiGo!!

Unique Melody, commonly known as UM is a well-established brand among audiophiles. They have a wide range of HiFi premium in-ear monitors such as the UM Mest, UM Mest Mini, and more. We are bringing you their latest tri-dynamic pair of in-ear monitors, the UM 3D Terminator(also known as UM 3DT). The UM 3DT features a unique driver configuration housing not one but three dynamic drivers on both sides. They have specially designed a 3d acoustic tube structure to reduce any kind of multi-driver distortion. The Unique Melody 3DT has got a price tag of 349$, it is available to order right away. Check out more details on our store here.

UM 3DT-2


>Unique three dynamic drivers per side.

>Acoustic tube design.

>CNC machined Resin and Stabilised wood ear shells.

>Fully handcrafted by professionals.

>Lively & Energetic sound signature.

Technical Specifications:-

>Driver Configuration: 2 DD for lower end + 1 DD for Mids-Treble section.

>Impedance: 25.4Ω.

>Frequency Response Range: 20Hz-20kHz.

>SPL: 113dB @ 1kHz.

Powerful Triple DD Configuration:-

Unique Melody has utilized the power of three dynamic drivers for the 3DT. It features two 7mm dynamic drivers for the thunderous lower end and one 10mm CNT dynamic unit for the mid and treble frequencies. They have precisely tuned each driver unit for brilliant sound characteristics with low-distortion and high-detailing.

UM 3DT-3

Professionally Crafted Acoustic Structure:-

More drivers require professional acoustic arrangements so that the output is distortion-free and provides a crisp response. UM has professionally designed the inner structure of the 3DT earpieces with acoustic tubes. Each tube for each driver unit providing complete isolation between them thus providing a coherent sound output with ultra-low distortion.

Beautiful Solid Stabilised Wooden Ear Shells:-

Unique Melody has designed the beautiful ear shells in 3DT using a high-precision CNC machining process. They are made up of special solid stabilized wood material. The color pigments and resin material are mixed in a specific proportion to define the exclusive look of the pair. The curve design of the pair is ergonomic and is close to the contour of the ear canal ensuring the best fit for its users.

Transparent & Detailed Sound Output:-

Unique Melody has professionally tuned the triple dynamic drivers to provide an authentic sound experience for its users. The pair produces powerful dynamic bass with stunning transparency and clarity. The pair produces enhanced technical performance with a relaxing and refined sound signature. We are pretty sure you are gonna love the detailed sound output of the 3D Termination.

Very Easy To Power:-

One simply doesn’t require costly high-end gears to enjoy the UM 3DT fully. It has got a low impedance of just 25.4Ω along with a high sensitivity rating of 113dB. You can easily drive the pair using your regular smartphones. Though using a better source is always recommended for a true high-resolution sound experience.

UM 3DT-4

Pricing & Availability:-

The Unique Melody 3DT has got a price tag of 349$. It is available to order from our store, shipments have already begun. Grab a unit for yourself today from here!!

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