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TRN VX 1DD 6BA Hybrid Driver Metallic IEM Released

TRN VX 1DD 6BA Hybrid Driver Metallic IEM Released

TRN has released its latest pair of in-ear monitors the TRN VX. It features a hybrid driver setup consisting of six finely tuned Balanced Armature drivers paired with a 10mm dual magnet dynamic driver unit. The pair features beautiful aerospace-grade CNC magnesium alloy ear shells available in two different colors, Green and Black. Users can also buy the pair with a Mic cable option for no extra cost. It is priced at 72.80$, you can get one for yourself here.


About TRN:-

TRN is a China-based brand usually famous for its budget-friendly hi-fi sounding IEMs. The brand has a wide range of products from in-ear monitors to TWS of earphones. They have widely famous products like the TRN V80, TRN V90, which were highly appreciated by the music lovers. Their products are mostly in the budget-friendly price range of under 100$ and offer good value for money with premium looks and good sound quality output.

Technical Specifications of TRN VX:-

>Impedance: 22 Ohms.

>Hybrid Driver Setup with Six BA and One dual magnet DD unit each side.

>Frequency Division: 3 BA Highs, 3 BA Mids, 1 DD Lower end.

>Sensitivity: 107dB.

>Frequency Response Range: 7Hz-40kHz.

>Plug Type: 3.5mm.

>0.75mm 2-Pin Connectors.

Transparent Lively Sound Output:-

The TRN VX is equipped with seven driver hybrid setup on each side, featuring three 30095 Balanced Armature drivers for high frequency, three 50060 Balanced Armatures for mids, and one 10mm dual-magnet dynamic driver unit for the lower end. The drivers produce a lively sound output with impactful bass, transparent vocals, and energetic treble portion.

Aerospace-grade CNC Magnesium Alloy Ear Shells:-


The earpieces in TRN VX are made up of high-quality aerospace-grade CNC magnesium alloy material. They not only look brilliant, but they also have sturdy build quality with lightweight aesthetics for a comfortable fit. The precisely made ear shells are expertly handcrafted and hand polished to provide a rich and premium look to the pair. TRN has researched for two years to develop the inner structure for TRN VX, it is designed to minimize acoustic chamber resonance and driver flex.

Comfortable Fit:-

With lightweight aesthetics and ear hooks on the cable, the pair provides a comfortable and firm fit for the users. The ear hooks go around the corner and securely hold the earpieces firmly into the ears and won’t let them fall off even while working out or jogging.

0.75MM Two-Pin Connectors:-

The TRN VX has gold plated Type-C 0.75mm two-pin connectors. It provides a firm connection between the cable and earpieces, with a covering around the pins to protect them from accidental breakage. This provides better longevity and wearing stability to the users. Users can also upgrade their cables with ease with universal 0.75mm two-pin aftermarket cables.


TRN VX is a very rich looking IEM that promises hi-fi sound quality output with a premium driver configuration and high build quality. The brand is already famous for its products for providing high-quality sound at budget prices. The TRN VX is surely one to look for and at a price of just about 75$, it sounds like a steal deal. You can buy it from our store here.

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