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TRN Rosefinch: Brand New IEMs With 12mm Full-Frequency Planar Magnetic Driver

TRN Rosefinch: Brand New IEMs With 12mm Full-Frequency Planar Magnetic Driver

TRN Audio is quite an active brand in the budget segment of in-ear monitors. Every month they are out there with new and updated products. Their products have a good price-to-performance ratio as well, delivering quality sound with a solid build at attractive prices. Today, TRN has introduced a brand new set of IEMs, the TRN Rosefinch. Rosefinch is different from their traditional offerings as the brand has previously focused on DD+BA hybrids and single dd configurations, The latest TRN Rosefinch here adopts a 12mm large full-frequency planar magnetic driver unit. Yes, TRN joins the Planar IEM league with the latest Rosefinch. With professional tuning adjustments and a strong dual-sided magnetic architecture, the TRN Rosefinch delivers impressive sound characteristics.

TRN Rosefinch-1

TRN Rosefinch follows the trend of attractively priced IEMs by the brand, the pair is available for just 45.80$. You can check out more details here. It’s also available on our Amazon Japan, Amazon US, and Aliexpress stores.

TRN Rosefinch is actually inspired by the Vermilion bird the Flaming Rosefinch. It’s a mythological spirit creature and one of the four symbols of the Chinese constellations representing the Fire element. Flaming Rosefinch in Chinese culture is a sign of virtue, harmony, and prosperity. The design has been nicely implemented on the pair in the form of a semi-open grill design on the face covers of the shell.

TRN Rosefinch-2

TRN Rosefinch houses a 12mm large planar magnetic driver unit. This driver works as a full-frequency driver unit for the pair. Planar Magnetic drivers as we all know work similarly to a dynamic driver unit but adopt ultra-thin diaphragm and usually deliver fast transients. TRN Rosefinch adopts an ultra-thin 2um diaphragm coil. Paired with a powerful double-sided magnetic architecture with Neodymium N52 magnets on both sides of the driver, the pair is able to deliver impressive sound. TRN Rosefinch packs an exciting sound with a crisp definition for vocals and instruments, great separation, and a wide expansive soundstage. Its tuning has been professionally adjusted to match the requirements of different users and complement different genres of music well.

TRN Rosefinch has got an exquisite finish. The ear shells have been crafted using a high-quality skin-friendly imported resin material. They have 5-axis CNC machined aluminum alloy face covers with a semi-open back cavity design. The face covers have a rich, smooth, premium finish that gives the user a premium in-hand experience with the pair. TRN bundles the pair with a high-purity stock cable. It’s a hybrid 4-core cable with silver-plated copper and oxygen-free copper cores braided together. The cable adopts 2-pin connectors and has a swappable termination plug system as well. Please note that the Rosefinch package includes a 3.5mm termination plug only. Other terminations(2.5mm and 4.4mm) have to be bought separately.

TRN Rosefinch-3

TRN Rosefinch is an interesting set of IEMs. As per the brand, the pair packs an exciting sound with an expansive soundstage. It’s available at an attractive price of just 45.80$. You can check out more details on the product page here.

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