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TRN Launches TA3: Brand New 2DD+1BA Hybrid IEMs

TRN Launches TA3: Brand New 2DD+1BA Hybrid IEMs

Whenever we see a hybrid driver configuration in an IEM our eyes beam up with the thought that wonderful sound that awaits for us with the set. Today, we have launched the all-new TRN TA3 which boasts excellent sound characteristics with its three-driver hybrid configuration on each side. The pair houses a combination of dual customized dynamic drivers and a Knowles Balanced Armature driver on each side. With precise adjustments, and professionally designed acoustic crossover, the pair is said to have an impactful sound with a powerful lower end, and a lovely clarity for vocals and instruments. TRN has featured an exquisite design on the pair with its CNC-machined Zinc alloy face panels and lightweight resin shells. All this information just excites us more for the TA3!!


As always, TRN has priced the TA3 attractively for just 58$, you can check out more details on our store here. We also have the TA3 on Amazon US, Amazon Japan, and Aliexpress stores.

TA3 houses a 10mm beryllium-coated dynamic driver and a 6mm titanium-coated dynamic driver on each side. The two DD units are supported by Knowles 33518 high-performance BA driver unit on each side. TRN has arranged these drivers in a three-way crossover using both an electronic crossover board and physical dampeners for desired tuning profile. TRN has tuned the pair for a natural, balanced sound with excellent coherency among the driver units.


TRN has designed the TA3 with high-precision CNC machined zinc alloy face covers. The panels look outstanding and have a refined finish to them. They are connected to lightweight imported resin material ear shells. TRN has crafted the pair with an ergonomic shape that will ensure a comfortable fit for most users!! To get the best out of the TA3, TRN bundles the pair with a high-quality 4-core silver-plated copper and oxygen-free copper hybrid stock cable. The cable has the benefits of both silver-plated copper and Oxygen-free copper materials. It ensures a rich sound quality with excellent details in the output signal. The stock cable has a swappable termination plug system with 3.5mm, 2.5mm, and 4.4mm plugs included in the package.


TRN TA3 is a wonderful IEM that has excellent design and outstanding sound characteristics. The pair is launched officially for just 58$, you can check out more details here.

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