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TRN Azure Dragon 14.6mm Planar Magnetic Driver IEMs

TRN Azure Dragon 14.6mm Planar Magnetic Driver IEMs

Audio lovers rejoice, TRN has just dropped its latest planar-magnetic driver IEMs, the TRN Azure Dragon. Built with perfection, the Azure Dragon symbolizes one of the four zodiac signs as per Chinese traditions. The Azure Dragon brings us the goodness of a second-generation 14.6mm flagship planar magnetic driver unit. It benefits from a dual-sided magnetic design with a strong magnetic flux that reaches 1T. TRN Azure Dragon comes with three sets of tuning nozzles and also includes a high-purity stock cable with a swappable termination plug design!!

TRN Azure Dragon-1

TRN Azure Dragon promises an exceptionally solid sound experience with professional tuning adjustments. The pair is available for $210, you can check out more details here.

The Azure Dragon is a prominent figure in the Chinese traditions. It is one of the four zodiac symbols originating from the ancient people’s symbolic interpretation of the stars and represents the easter gods. TRN has taken deep inspiration from the Azure Dragon, the faceplate of the pair is CNC machined symbolizing the face of the mighty Dragon. The pair has stunning looks with CNC-machined aluminum magnesium alloy cavities!! The Al-Mg alloy is robust and strong in durability and has a lightweight build, each earpiece weighs just 8 grams.

TRN Azure Dragon-2

TRN features a flagship-level second-generation 14.6mm planar magnetic driver on the Azure Dragon. It has an ultra-thin 2um evenly stressed diaphragm and a double-sided Neodymium N52 Magnetic Array. The evenly distributed diaphragm results in clearer and cleaner sound reproduction with ultra-low distortion in the output. TRN has designed the Dual-sided magnetic array with 7 N52 magnets on each side, it produces a strong 1T magnetic flux. It enables easier drivability, efficient performance, and cleaner sound reproduction with a strong magnetic flux.

TRN Azure Dragon-3

TRN Azure Dragon features swappable tuning nozzles. The pair comes with three sets of tuning nozzles each having a different internal diameter and length that affects the sound. Each set of nozzles here is made up of high-quality Gold-plated brass material. Experience three different sound signatures with the Azure Dragon. TRN has tuned the Azure Dragon with a professional team of acoustic engineers. The pair promises a rich and detailed sound signature with a big soundstage. It has a crisp resolution and a rich tone throughout the frequency band.

TRN Azure Dragon-4

TRN Azure Dragon comes with a high-purity 4-core silver-plated and oxygen-free copper hybrid cable. The cable has a detachable 2-pin design and features an interchangeable termination plug system. TRN bundles 3.5mm, 2.5mm, and 4.4mm plugs in the pack. TRN Azure Dragon is a well-built set with flagship-level sound performance. The second-gen Planar driver and professional tuning adjustments by TRN’s team result in an impressive sonic performance with the set. Get yours today for just $210, check out more details here.

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