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TRI Starshine 2BA+2EST IEMs Available Now

TRI Starshine 2BA+2EST IEMs Available Now

TRI Audio is a premium brand chain related to KBear that are mostly known for their budget offerings in the in-ear monitor department. TRI themselves have a wide range if exquisite IEMs such as TRI I3 planar, TRI Starlight flagship tribrid, and many more. Today, TRI has announced its latest pair of hybrid In-Ear Monitors, the TRI Starshine. The stunning Starshine is equipped with a hybrid quad-driver configuration featuring two Sonion EST drivers and two Knowles BA drivers for transparent and highly detailed sound output. TRI Starshine is currently available with us at its discounted pre-order price of 449$, it will be back to the retail price of 499$ upon release. Check out more details on our store page here.

TRI Starshine-1


>Premium Quad-Driver Hybrid Configuration.

>Denmark Imported Dual Sonion Electrostatic Tweeters.

>American Imported Dual Knowles Balanced Armature Drivers.

>Advanced Electronic Frequency Division.

>Skin-Friendly Resin Material Ear Shells.

>Eight-Core High-Purity Copper & Silver-Plated Braided Cable.

>Stunning Looks.

>Comfortable Wearing Experience.

TRI Starshine-2

Best Of Both Worlds With BA and EST Hybrid Driver Configuration:-

BA drivers are known for their natural tonality and timbre while Electrostatic tweeters are known for their outstanding high-frequency separation and detail retrieval. TRI Audio has equipped the Starshine with two premium EST tweeters from Denmark-based Sonion and two high-performance BA drivers from Knowles a well-reputed American audio driver brand. These four drivers on both sides present the users with a flagship-grade outstanding performance with ultimate clarity and detailing complementing multiple genres of music well.

Professional Craftsmanship For Stunning Design:-

Earpieces in TRI Starshine are made with ultimate craftsmanship presenting the user with a stunning pair with uniquely textured face panels, skin-friendly Resin inner cavities. The patterns on the face panels on each unit of Starshine are unique and beautiful.

TRI Starshine-3

Advanced Electronic Frequency Division Technology:-

TRI Starshine adopts a three-way electronic frequency division combined with a three acoustic tube physical frequency division. This effectively reduces multi-driver distortion presenting the user with a fully detailed, relaxed, and natural sound quality experience.

Hybrid Braided Cable:-

TRI Starshine comes with a high-purity 8-core copper and silver-plated mixed hybrid cable with standard 2-pin 0.78mm connectors. It has comfortable and soft outer insulated skin that effectively reduces any microphonic issues.

TRI Starshine-4

Transparent & Lively:-

Starshine takes the benefit of traditional Balanced Armature drivers and advanced EST tweeters presenting the users with a highly detailed and transparent sound quality output. It produces crisp instrument details with lovely vocal clarity and punchy bass response. We are pretty sure it will complement different genres of music well.

Comfortable & Firm Fit:-

The inner cavity of TRI Starshine earpieces is made with imported German skin-friendly resin material crafted in an ergonomic design ensuring a comfortable and firm fit for most users.

Pricing & Availability:-

TRI Starshine is available on pre-order from our store at a discounted pre-order price of 449$. Upon release, the price will be increased to 499$, the international retail price for the pair. Check out more details on our store page here.

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