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FiiO K11 R2R High-Performance Desktop DAC / AMP

FiiO K11 R2R High-Performance Desktop DAC / AMP

FiiO, a known name in the HiFi Audio realm has released a brand new desktop DAC/AMP, the FiiO K11 R2R. It comes as another variant of the successful K11 that came out last year. With the K11 R2R, FiiO has featured their own self-developed four-channel 24-bit R2R resistor array.

FiiO K11 R2R-1

Featuring a total of 192 ultra-thin film resistors with 0.1% accuracy, the K11 R2R promises a rich, smooth sound. It has NOS/OS dual operating modes which are easily switchable and offer unique sound characteristics. The K11 R2R is a complete device with rich sound decoding and powerful amp section, it promises a strong output of 1300mW per channel. Are you ready to experience the smooth, rich, organic R2R sound with FiiO’s professionally designed architecture??

FiiO K11 R2R is launched officially for $169.99, you can check out more details here.

FiiO K11 R2R-2

FiiO is one of the most experienced brands in the industry when it comes to HiFi Audio gear. For the latest K11 R2R, FiiO has developed a four-channel fully differential 24-bit R2R Resistor array network. The setup consists of 48 ultra-thin film resistors for each channel, a total of 192 resistors on all four channels with 0.1% accuracy. The pure R2R array combined with a professionally designed audio circuit featuring Low-noise FFT harmonic components. This ensures a clean, rich output with a darker background.

The K11 R2R has dual operating modes, NOS and OS. The NOS(Non-Oversampling) mode doesn’t oversample the signal and processes it at its original bitrate. This delivers a musical, rich, sound, while the OS(Oversampling) mode upscales the signals to 384kHz, resulting in cleaner and more detailed output. Both modes are easily switchable on the device.

FiiO K11 R2R-3

FiiO K11 R2R supports high-resolution PCM and DSD audio signal processing. It supports 32-bit/384kHz PCM and DSD256 audio signals. DSD256 requires the DSD output mode to be set to native. It is internally converted into PCM for R2R signal processing. The processed signal goes through a strong amp section featuring Ti OPA1642 Low-Pass Filter chips and dual SGM8262 professional-grade operational amplifiers.

FiiO K11 R2R produces a strong output, delivering up to 1300mW per channel, easily driving even the demanding headphones without breaking a sweat. With three-level adjustable gain, NJW1195A digital volume chipset, you can precisely adjust the volume and pair demanding as well as highly sensitive low-power requiring IEMs and Headphones with the K11 R2R. It has dual headphone output ports, one 6.35mm single-ended and another 4.4mm balanced port.

FiiO K11 R2R-4

In order to deliver clean and powerful output, a clean power supply is must for any given audio device. FiiO with their years of experience know this very well. They have developed a professional-grade low-noise power supply. It consists of 17 Low-Noise LDO precision voltage regulator ICs and 2 DC-DCs providing a multi-channel power supply. It further benefits from the external 12V power supply ensuring a clean output with low noise and distortion issues.

FiiO K11 R2R is a single device that promises lively soundscapes with its R2R setup and high-power amp section. Are you excited for the all-new FiiO K11 R2R?? Order yours here.

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