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TRI Starlight Electrostatic Hybrid IEM Released!!!

TRI Starlight Electrostatic Hybrid IEM Released!!!

TRI released its latest pair of flagship-level hybrid in-ear monitors, the TRI Starlight. The Starlight is the flagship IEM from the brand. It features a hybrid driver setup of 2 Sonion BA, 1 CNT DD, and 4 Electrostatic driver units on each side. EST(electrostatic) is the latest technology in IEMs, it uses an ultra-light membrane and reproduces excellent details with ultra-low distortion. They produce brilliant instruments and a very smooth treble response. These drivers were previously being used in big speaker and headphone systems but recently brands have been implementing these into IEMs to produce a unique and ultimate sound experience. TRI Starlight is priced at 799$, you can check more details and order one from our store here.

TRI Starlight-1

About TRI:-

TRI is a China-based high-quality earphone manufacturing brand. Previously they have released budget-friendly IEMs that got a good response from the audiophiles from all around the globe. Their TRI I3 is widely known for its beautiful sound output, it uses a hybrid driver setup of One Planar Magnetic Driver with One DD, and One BA driver unit. The Starlight is the first 500$+ product from the brand and from the performance of their previously released products, it is surely one to look for with good expectations.

Technical Specifications:-

>Driver Setup: One Carbon Nanotube Dynamic Driver, Two Sonion Balanced Armatures, Four Sonion Electrostatic Drivers.

>Impedance: 14Ω.

>Sensitivity: 102dB±3dB.

>Frequency Response Range: 20Hz-23kHz.

>Connector Type: MMCX.

>Cable Type: High Quality Silver Plated Cable.

>Termination Plug: 3.5mm.

>Rated Power:3mW.

>Maximum Power: 5mW.

Crisp & Clear Sound Output with Hybrid Driver Setup:-

With latest technology and well-tuned driver units, TRI Starlight has a very crispy sound quality with outstanding instrument clarity. The lower end is handled by a 10mm carbon nanotube dual-magnetic dynamic driver unit, that provides realistic low-frequency response with low distortion, outstanding transient response, and ultimate flexibility. Resulting in a deep powerful bass response with crisp layered clarity. The mid and high frequency section is reproduced by dual Sonion balanced armature units. That results in natural and elegant crisp vocals with beautiful acoustic details. The ultra-high portion is produced by four Sonion EST units that produces beautiful treble section with smooth response and well detailed instruments.

Skin-Friendly Resin Shells:-

TRI Starlight-2

The Ear shells in TRI Starlight are made up of high quality skin-friendly resin material from Germany. The earpieces are lightweight and beautiful with a transparent inner cavity and designer faceplate. Users can look at the neat placement of different driver units through the inner cavity. The pair will provide a comfortable and firm fir for the users.

Low Impedance, High Sensitivity, Easy To Drive:-

TRI Starlight has a very low impedance value of just 14Ω with moderate sensitivity rating of 102dB, the pair is very easy to drive. Users will be able to enjoy good high quality music anytime anywhere without any extra powerful device requirements.

High Quality Cable with Universal MMCX Connectors:-

TRI Starlight comes with a high quality silver-plated cable with universal MMCX connectors. The cable provides ultra-low signal distortion to the audio signal from the source to the earpieces. Universal MMCX connectors also makes it easy to upgrade cable in the future.

TRI Starlight-3

TRI has gained a lot of attention with its budget-friendly IEMs. The Starlight is the first flagship pair from the brand, we are really excited for the pair and expecting good things from it. It is priced at 799$, check more details at our page here.

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