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Topping Releases DM7: ES9038 Pro Based Flagship Multi-Channel Desktop DAC

Topping Releases DM7: ES9038 Pro Based Flagship Multi-Channel Desktop DAC

Over the years, Topping has emerged itself as manufacturer of premium, high-performance desktop audio gears. They have released many successful products that cover most segments including desktop DACs, Headphone amplifiers, Power Amplifiers, etc. Today, Topping has released a brand new multi-channel flagship Desktop DAC, the Topping DM7. DM7 is their flagship multi-channel DAC with eight fully-balanced TRS outputs. It houses ESS Sabre’s current flagship ES9038Pro DAC chipset delivering best-in-class performance. Topping DM7 is launched officially in two color options, White and Black. DM7 is priced at 599$, check out more details here.

Topping DM7-1

Topping DM7 uses ES9038 Pro flagship-grade Desktop DAC chip from ESS Sabre Technologies. This 32-Bit multi-channel DAC offers excellent performance with ultra lower distortion and high dynamic range. The output signal has a clean background with high SNR ratings.

Topping has designed the DM7 to work flawlessly and delivers commendable sound performance for multi-channel systems. With its flagship Desktop DAC, the DM7 supports high-resolution PCM and native DSD signal decodings. It supports 32-Bit/192kHz PCM and native DSD128 decoding for 8-channel output.

Topping DM7-2

Topping DM7 has 8xTRS balanced output ports. It is backward compatible, users can create 7.1ch, 6.1ch, 5.1ch, and 2.0 setups easily with the DM7. Its flagship ES9038 Pro DAC chip enables the DAC to provide exceptional performance with your high-end setups!!

Topping DM7-3

Know more about the Topping DM7 over on our product page here.

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