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Topping Launches PA7 & PA7 Plus Fully Balanced Class D Power Amplifiers

Topping Launches PA7 & PA7 Plus Fully Balanced Class D Power Amplifiers

Topping is a famous name in the HiFi audio industry. The brand is known for its outstanding products in the Desktop HiFi Audio category. Today, Topping has launched a brand new series of stereo power amplifiers, introducing the all-new Topping PA7 and PA7 Plus. With a simple and compact design, the PA7 series packs a high-performance class D power amplification chipset with a fully balanced design. The series consists of two products, the PA7, and the PA7 Plus, the primary difference being the PA7 Plus has more output power, cleaner response with lower distortion, and higher SNR performance.

Topping PA7-1

The topping PA7 series starts at 449$ for the standard PA7 and 549$ for the PA7 Plus. They are available in Silver and Black color options. Check out more details here.

Topping has equipped the all-new PA7 and PA7 Plus with a newly-developed Class D amplifier circuit. Both devices have a fully balanced architecture designed with various exclusive optimization technologies. They ensure the PA7 series has powerful output with ultra-low distortion and high SNR, and DNR performance. The output has a clean presentation with deeper sound and clear background that brings out the true potential of your HiFi speaker setups. The distortion performance of the PA7 and PA7 Plus matches perfectly with high-performance DACs, you will be amazed by their performance with consistent listening pleasure across different volume levels.

Topping PA7-2

The PA7 series of power amplifiers have a powerful output rating. They are designed to power most speaker systems with ease delivering up to 210W per channel through PA7 and up to 300W per channel with PA7 Plus. These numbers are at 4Ω of load at 10% Harmonic Distortion. Even at lower distortion(1%) the PA7 provides 200W per channel and the PA7 Plus produces 245W per channel output. These numbers are adequate enough for most speaker applications out there. The amplifier has a compact form factor almost half the size of an A4 sheet paper.

Topping PA7-3

Topping has designed the PA7 series matching the design and form factor of the E70 and the E70 Velvet. They can act as a pre-amp function with the PA7 power amplifiers. The PA7 series feature three output options, XLR, TRS, and RCA. They also have a Volume control, but when you pair it with E70 or some other Pre-AMP you can bypass the volume on the PA7. PA7 series also features a 12V trigger interface that will allow the users to link other devices for synchronized on and off functions.

Topping PA7-4

Topping PA7 series brings high-quality stereo power amplifiers at actually affordable prices for users. They pack an exciting sound with tremendously clean performance and powerful output. The PA7 series start at just 449$, feel free to check out more information and details here.

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