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Topping LA90 Discrete High-Power NFCA Discrete Power Amplifier

Topping LA90 Discrete High-Power NFCA Discrete Power Amplifier

Topping, a name everyone trusts with their desktop HiFi solutions. Over the years, Topping has provided premium HiFi quality audio products focusing primarily on the desktop section. Today, We have got a brand new high-performance desktop power amplifier from Topping, presenting the all-new Topping LA90 Discrete. It is a high-power stereo amplifier suitable for high-quality speaker systems. With a professionally designed NFCA Discrete amplifier circuit, LA90 Discrete provides a powerful solution for your stereo amplifiers. For simple bookshelves, it is adequate as a single device, and for high-power requiring speaker systems, you can use the Topping LA90 discrete in mono mode for high-power output!!

Topping LA90 Discrete-1

Topping LA90 Discrete is introduced for 799$, feel free to check out more details and information over here.

LA90 Discrete is designed with a discrete NFCA audio circuit. It packs a powerful performance with clean, low-distortion output. The LA90 Discrete provides powerful amplification, driving even the high-power requiring stereo speakers with ease. With its precisely designed NFCA discrete circuit, users will experience the darkest background with ultra-low distortion, bringing your speakers to life with great music quality. It achieves best-in-class distortion of less than 0.0001% and high SNR performance achieving up to 143dB SNR values.

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Topping LA90 Discrete houses multiple TRS & XLR input ports. It actually houses three input ports supporting both XLR and TRS inputs, different inputs can be cycled easily through the device.  LA90 Discrete can be used in both Stereo and Mono modes. In Stereo mode, it provides up to 120W per channel driving most bookshelf speakers without breaking a sweat. For high-power requiring speakers, you can use two different LA90 Discrete amplifiers in mono mode. When the Topping LA90 Discrete is set in mono mode, it provides up to 220W of clean output.

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Topping has got years of expertise in designing premium audio devices. They have crafted the LA90 Discrete with a premium aluminum alloy chassis. The chassis is made using a high-precision CNC machining process with aviation-grade aluminum alloy material. Topping LA90 Discrete is a top-quality flagship-grade performing power amplifier. It manages to deliver quality sound even at high-impedance loads maintaining a low distortion value. It is launched officially for 799$, you can check out more information over here.

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