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Topping L50 NFCA Balanced Headphone Amplfiier: Companion For E50 MQA DAC

Topping L50 NFCA Balanced Headphone Amplfiier: Companion For E50 MQA DAC

Along with the latest E50 Desktop DAC, Topping has also launched its latest balanced headphone amplifier, meet the brand new Topping L50. It is an NFCA Headphone Amplifier featuring both single-ended 6.35mm and balanced 4-pin XLR headphone output ports. L50 has a tremendously powerful output with ratings of up to 3500mW x2@16Ω, even at 300Ω, it outputs 540mW x2 which is more than enough to drive even the most demanding headphones without any trouble. The amplifier offers three-step gain settings, High, Medium, and Low. It also offers a pass-through bypass mode to connect the L50 with active/monitor speakers when DAC has a pre-amp function. Topping L50 is available in four different color options priced at just 229$, check out more details here.
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Topping L50-1


>Newly designed NFCA Circuit.

>4-Pin XLR balanced headphone output.

>6.35mm single-ended headphone output.

>Tremendously powerful(Output power rating of up to 3500mW).

> Three-step gain switch.

>Easily use with high sensitivity and low sensitivity headphones.

>High-output voltage.

>Ultra-low output impedance.

>Input pass through.

Redesigned NFCA Amplification Circuit:-

Topping has redesigned the NFCA Circuit for the latest L50 headphone amplifier. It is based on the same working principle as the A30 Pro and is capable of providing twice the power of L30 at 300Ω impedance. It is optimized to deliver clean high-quality amplification to the audio signal while maintaining ultra-low distortion and high SNR, Dynamic range ratings. Topping L50 achieves 0.3uV ultra-low noise and 145 dB high dynamic range as well as 0.00006% THD+N ratings.

Topping L50-2

Pair Your Demanding As Well As Highly Sensitive Headphones With Topping L50:-

With the help of a three-level gain switch, users can easily use their sensitive as well as demanding headphones with the Topping L50. The amplifier has a tremendously powerful output with ratings that goes up to 3500mW or 3.5W at 16Ω. Even at 600Ω, the L50 outputs up to 290mW which is more than enough to bring life to your headphones. Don’t choose your next amplifier based on your headphone impedance, just choose the Topping L50, it will suit sensitive as well as demanding cans with ease. The L50 has an ultra-low output impedance of <0.1Ω, so users won’t notice any background noise or hiss even with sensitive IEMs/headphones.

Input Pass-Through:-

Topping L50 provides input pass-through functionality to provide direct output to active/monitor speakers. It works even when the L50 is turned off(obviously no amplification at this time). L50 has both single-ended RCA as well as Balanced TRS pass-through ports.

Topping L50-3

Single-Ended+Balanced Both Configurations:-

Topping L50 offers both single-ended as well as balanced input/output options. Users can pair the beauty with the latest E50 Desktop DAC and use the TRS balanced or RCA single-ended input/output function, it also has input pass through RCA and TRS ports. For headphones, the L50 has a 4-pin XLR balanced and 6.35mm single-ended ports.

Matched For E50:-

Topping L50 can be paired with any high-quality Desktop DAC in your chain, but it is designed keeping the latest E50 in mind. Both the E50 and L50 have fully matched design, chassis, color options, a match made for each other.

Topping L50-4

Professional TRS Balanced Cable Range Available With HiFiGo:-

In order to get the best performance out of your Topping E50+L50 Desktop Balanced Stack, we recommend you use high-quality TRS balanced connection cables. HiFiGo also has multiple offerings for high-quality TRS connector cables that you can use to create a fully balanced Desktop Stack. We have Monster M1000I 6.5mm Balanced cable to 6.35mm three-core stereo cable, Canare 6.5mm to 6.35mm three-core stereo cable, and generic TRS dual-channel balanced power amplifier cable. All three of these are available in different lengths starting at around 1m up to 20-30m. These are high-quality cables made to deliver a loss-free signal transmission between the DAC & AMP. Check these out on our store.

Price & Availability:-

Topping L50 is available to purchase from our store for just 229$. It is available in four different color options, Black, Blue, Red, and Silver. Order yours today.

As with all our orders, we offer free express worldwide shipping on orders above 500$. We also offer free priority shipping for selected regions for orders above 100$ check out more details on our shipping policy here.

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Patson Godinho - November 4, 2021

How do you connect the L50 to the E50 with a balanced connection? what kind of cables are used?

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