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Topping Introduces All-New "MX3S" All-in-One Desktop DAC, Headphone AMP, and Speaker AMP device!!

Topping Introduces All-New "MX3S" All-in-One Desktop DAC, Headphone AMP, and Speaker AMP device!!

In the audiophile Industry, Topping is a well-reputed name mainly known for their desktop range of HiFi audio gear. The brand specializes in everything from audio decoders to headphone amplifiers, passive speaker amplifiers, etc. Topping has introduced an update to its all-in-one desktop device MX3, meet the all-new Topping MX3S. Just like its predecessor model, the new MX3S is an all-in-one device. It has a built-in DAC, built-in Headphone amp, and built-in Class D speaker amp. The MX3S is an actual all-in-one device, a single device that will serve you with all the services you might require at your desktop chain.  The OG MX3 was released back in 2019, it has been a fan-favorite ever since then. The device has got some rave reviews for its performance from users worldwide. Topping MX3S takes the legacy set by the MX3 forward with improved performance. It has improved THD+N distortion ratings, cleaner, clearer output with better SNR and DNR ratings. Overall, Topping MX3S delivers a highly-improved performance over the predecessor model, an ideal upgrade!!

Topping MX3S-1

Topping has launched the MX3s for just 199$, you can check out more information here.

Topping MX3S features an AKM DAC chipset. AKM DACs are widely known for their rich tonal value and clear decoding. The one inside the MX3S decodes crisp high-resolution audio signals supporting up to 24-bit/192kHz bitrate for PCM signals across different digital inputs. As for inputs, One can simply connect the MX3S with any given source. It supports a wide range of devices with its wide input options. The MX3S supports digital coaxial, optical, USB, Wireless Bluetooth, and Analog RCA input options. For high-quality Bluetooth connectivity, Topping has featured Qualcomm’s advanced QCC3040 Bluetooth chipset. It supports stable Bluetooth connectivity with support for most high-definition wireless protocols including LDAC, AptX HD, AptX, SBC, and AAC. The MX3S supports automatic on/off signal detection. Once the device detects a signal it automatically turns itself on in an instant. Once the signal is not available for over a minute, the device will automatically enter standby mode.

Topping MX3S-2

Topping has equipped the MX3S with a Merus Class D power amplifier. It produces a powerful output suitable for bookshelf speakers easily. The MX3S has got an output power rating of up to 62W per channel at 4Ω of impedance load. It’s more than enough to drive most bookshelves out there. MX3S also has sub-woofer output enabling the users to create a 2.1Ch setup. Alongside the high-power Speaker output, the MX3S also features a powerful headphone amp section. It produces a whooping 700mW of clean output power. The device has got two level gain switch which enables easy combination with both low-sensitivity and high-sensitivity audio gear. Topping ha also features built-in EQ settings on the MX3S. It supports adjustment for Bass and treble regions within a range of -10dB to +10dB. Users can adjust it based on their preferences!!

Topping MX3S-3

Topping MX3S is an exciting device, it's compact, it's powerful, and it fits in every scneario you might need it as. Use it as a high-power speaker AMP, Headphone amp or use it as a proper DAC/AMP. It's priced at 199$, feel free to check out more details here.

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