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Topping DX7 Pro Upgade DAC Amplifier with Bluetooth Released | Hifigo

Topping DX7 Pro Upgrade DAC Chip 1 ES9038pro and Bluetooth 5.0 Released Now

Over the years Topping has made a series of DACs, amplifiers and headphone amplifiers, including their very popular NX series of portable and D series of desktop DACs and amps. Well…Topping has just released an upgraded model, the DX7  Pro. And if you’ve been thinking about investing in the DX7s but have yet to pull the trigger, consider yourself lucky. What upgrades can you expect?

The Topping DX7pro improves upon the well-regarded DX7s and DX7 by taking both the DAC and headphone amp sections up a notch. It features 1x ES9038pro DAC chips. Equipped with IIS input and 4.4mm balanced output as addition as well as two XLR outputs, coaxial input and output, and a USB input. The DX7pro can be paired with a computer or your cellphones or used as the center of an audio setup. It can run either 110V or 220V, has a power mode switch on the left side, and is complete with an OLED display. 

Topping Releases The DX7  Pro

Upgraded DAC Chips

The dual ES9038 DAC chips on the original DX7s  have been upgraded to one ES9038PRO DAC. The upgrade promises improved signal to noise ratio and reduced distortion.

topping DX7 Pro 1

Compact size  

You can look forward to a more compact size as well. The DX7 Pro now gives you 22.2cm x 17.8cm x 4.5cm versus 25 x 20.5 x 5 cm offered by the original DX7s. 

IIS input and 4.4mm balanced output 

Topping has also boosted its input IIS and 4.4mm balanced output as additions on DX7 pro comparing with DX7s. 

Latest Bluetooth 5.0  addition on Topping DX7 pro

Topping has employed the Qualcomm Bluetooth 5.0  Soc CSR8675 on DX7 pro with LDAC receiving support. CSR8675 is a premium tier single-chip solution delivering high quality wireless audio performance and supporting the development of highly differentiated premium wireless audio products. Integrated support for aptX and aptX HD.

Price of Topping DX7 pro

The Topping DX7 pro Full Balanced DAC currently retails higher than DX7s and can be pre-order from Hifigo.com at $599.99 now, maybe shipping at end of the September. 

topping DX7 Pro

Parameters of DX7 Pro

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