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Topping D90 Desktop Bluetooth DAC coming | Hifigo

Topping D90 Desktop Bluetooth DAC with MQA Support!!!

If you are a fan of Topping brand, there is a good chance you will familiar with their successful products, NX portable series DAC/Amplifier and DX desktop series DAC/Amplifiers. They had released their latest desktop-level DAC/PreAMP late last year in December,2019 in the form of Topping D90. Now the D90 is coming in a new avatar, bringing MQA functionality on the table for the users. The normal variant of Topping D90 is priced at 699$ while the MQA enabled D90 is priced at 799$. You can order a unit for yourself from our store here.

Technical Specifications of Topping D90:-

  • Flagship level Balanced DAC AK4499
  • XMOS XU208 USB chip, decoding up to PCM 32-bit/768kHz and DSD512 natively
  • AKM AK4118 SPDIF chip, decoding PCM up to 24-Bit/192kHz
  • Bluetooth 5.0 Support with multiple Bluetooth format supports including Apt-X, Apt-X HD, Apt-X LL, LDAC and many more
  • Multiple inputs supported like USB, I2S, Optical, Coaxial and AES
  • Dual output slots one balanced XLR socket and one single-ended RCA output
  • Output Voltage: RCA:2Vrms@ 0dBFS
  • Dynamic Range: 127dB@1kHz
  • Signal to Noise Ratio: 127dB@1kHz
  • Noise: <1.5uVrms
  • Frequency Response: 20Hz-40kHz

Price and Availablity:- 

MSRP Normal Variant: 699$, Ready to Ship.

MSRP MQA Variant: 799$, Shipping starts 26th April,2020.

Topping D90-1

Main features of Topping D90 

Topping D90 comes with a similar shape like the DX7 pro in silver and black color options. It is a multiple-input desktop DAC, it has USB, Bluetooth(Optional), Optical, Coaxial, AES and IIS input. D90 also has a volume control function so it could serve as a DAC or a DAC + Pre-amplifier. The latest upcoming variant of Topping D90 also supports MQA decoding. MQA is Master Quality Authenticated, it is the highest quality of audio files. It lets you enjoy your music originally as it was recorded.

Premium Chipset Configuration:-

The Topping D90 has a premium chipset configuration. It has a flagship DAC chip from AKM, AK4499 that provides a velvet sound experience with a smooth and detailed sound output. The D90 is equipped with a powerful XMOS XU208 USB Chip that supports USB decoding up to 32-Bit/768kHz and DSD up to DSD512 natively. Other chips include AK4118 S/PDIF Chip handling Optical and Coaxial inputs and a CPLD programmable chip. They have German Thesycon drivers. The entire chipset configuration is rich and premium and provides a smooth, detailed sound output.

Multiple Input Support:-

Topping D90-2

The Topping D90 provides you with a variety of input options to choose from. You can use USB input, Optical input, Coaxial Input, or Bluetooth Input methods. Bluetooth here supports all hi-res codecs including Aptx HD, LDAC, and many more. Just be assured whatever way you provide input to the Topping D90, you get unmatched sound clarity.

MQA Support:-

The latest variant of Topping D90 supports MQA decoding functionality. MQA stands for Master Quality Authenticated Audio. MQA enables the delivery of studio-quality sound in digital files small enough to be streamed. These offer master recording level sound output with all the micro details. The MQA encoding process manages this using an “origami” technique that “folds” high-frequency information existing outside the main audio band (approximately 20 hertz to 20 kilohertz, the frequency range of human hearing) into the lower frequencies. The new Topping D90 can decode MQA files easily with high-quality sound output. You can read more about the MQA decoding in our article here.

Dual Output Ports:-

There are two output ports on the Topping D90. One single-ended RCA port, that you can use to give output directly to your speakers or to amplifier systems, making the D90 as a DAC and Pre Amplifier. Through the RCA port, the output rating is 2Vrms. There is a Balanced XLR output port too, that gives an output power of up to 4Vrms.

Pre-Amplifier Mode:-

The Topping D90 also supports the pre-amplifier function with volume control on the device. You can adjust volume from -99dB to 0dB. You can directly connect D90 to your Amplifier, Power Amplifier, or active speakers. Volume can also be controlled by the remote control included with the D90.

Bluetooth V5.0 with LDAC Support:-

The Topping D90 also takes input wirelessly over Bluetooth connections. It supports Bluetooth V5.0 offering you a strong and stable Bluetooth connection. The device supports all the Hi-Res Bluetooth codecs such as AptX HD, LDAC, and many more.

OLED Display and Remote Control:-

The Topping D90 features an OLED display in the front that shows all the basic information about your playback. Like pre-amplifier volume level, input and output method, and PCM File info. You can control various functions on the Topping D90 via the remote control included in the package, functions like volume adjustments, changing input/output method, and more.

For more information, you can check out our store page here.

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I want Topping D-90 Latest DAC. I live in Chattanooga, Tennessee, USA.
Can you please let me know when can I get this DAC if I order today.
I want it before 20th as my friend is leaving on 21st to whom I want to gift.
Please reply immediately.

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