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Topping D90 Desktop Bluetooth DAC coming | Hifigo

Topping D90 Desktop Bluetooth DAC coming | Hifigo

If you are a fan of Topping brand, there is a good chance you will familiar with their successful products, NX portable series DAC/Amplifier and DX desktop series DAC/Amplifiers. 

Just after the DX7 pro desktop launching with compelling specs, Topping is releasing a new PN- Topping D90 desktop DAC.  Well, how is this desktop headphone DAC? Let’s find out the detail as follows


Topping D90 dac

Topping D90 comes with a similar shape with DX7 pro in silver and black color options. It is a multiple-input desktop DAC, it has USB, Bluetooth(Optional), Optical, Coaxial, AES and IIS input. D90 has a volume control function so it could serve as a DAC or a DAC + Pre-amplifier.

Topping D90 uses XMOS+CPLD+AK4118+AK4499 and Thesycon drivers. USB and IIS support up to PCM32bit/768kHz and DSD512 native; Optical, Coaxial, and AES support up to PCM24bit/192kHz; Bluetooth supports up to PCM24bit/96kHz(LDAC).

D90 is still in the research and development stage, it may be adjusted by the company for the final version. It will be shown on the 2nd edition of CanJam Shanghai of Nov, 9th-10th which is featuring over 100 leading brands in over 20,000 sq ft. of exhibition space.  Shanghai Headphone Festival will showcase the latest products and innovations in headphones and personal audio electronics in all price ranges – from $50 earbuds to the world’s finest headphone audio systems at $50,000. Listen to Topping D90 DAC on CanJam.  

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