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Topping Announces BC3 Latest Bluetooth DAC/AMP

Topping Announces BC3 Latest Bluetooth DAC/AMP

The audio industry has grown really well they have come a long way from big and heavy desktop DAC/AMP’s to portable Digital Audio Players and now even Bluetooth DAC/AMP’s. Yes, you heard it right, now no need to carry other hefty devices such as another player audiophiles can now use their smartphones as a music source and connect it to powerful DAC/AMP in a very small device wirelessly over Bluetooth connection. Topping has a good range of desktop DAC/AMPs including Topping E30, D90, A90, and many more. They have planned on releasing a Bluetooth DAC/AMP, the Topping BC3. It is the latest upcoming device from the brand which will be unveiled on 11th August. The Topping BC3 features Bluetooth V5.0 connectivity with Hi-Res codec support like LDAC, AptX HD, AAC, and many more. This small powerful device has a price tag of just 69.99$.

Topping BC3-1


>Stable Bluetooth V5.0 Connectivity.

>High-Performance ES9018Q2C DAC Chip.

>Hi-Res Code Support, LDAC, AptX HD, AptX, AAC, SBC.

>Headphone Output Port.

>Optical S/PDIF Output Port.

>Hi-Res and Hi-Res Wireless Certified.

Best Sound Output Over Wireless Connection:-

The Topping BC3 features a strong and stable Bluetooth V5.0 connectivity with powerful Qualcomm CSR8675 Bluetooth chip. The connection between your source and Topping BC3 will always be interruption and lag-free. It features Hi-res codec support like LDAC offering wireless streaming of files with a bitrate of up to 24-Bit/96kHz ensuring the users get the best of the music quality enjoyment.

High-Performance DAC Chip:-

The Topping BC3 features high-performance ES9018Q2C DAC chip from ESS technologies. It offers crystal clear sound signal decoding providing the users with a crisp sound output completely noise-free and distortion-free.

Add Bluetooth User Interface to Existing DAC’s:-

You have a powerful DAC setup but lack the Bluetooth input feature?? Don’t worry Topping BC3 will help you out. With the help of its optical output, users can feed signals to their existing DAC setups wirelessly. Since Topping BC3 features LDAC transmission, users can feed their DAC with Hi-res file signal.


Apart from headphone output and optical output, the Topping BC3 also feature Line out function to give output to power amplifiers, speaker system and feed them the signal.

Easy To Carry Around:-

The Topping BC3 is a very lightweight and small device. Users will never face any issues carrying it around as it is so small that it can fit in the same pocket as your smartphone without any issue. This makes the device really versatile and users can carry it with them daily without any issues or hassles.

Topping BC3-2

The Topping BC3 seems to be a very promising device. It houses all the latest features like LDAC transmission with file streaming of bitrate up to 24-Bit/96kHz, Bluetooth V5.0 connectivity, ES9018Q2C DAC chip, and many more. This small device can be used to feed wireless audio signals to your existing desktop DAC’s with optical output interface, you can easily use it as a line-out source to speakers. More details will be unveiled by the brand on 11th August 2020. It is going to be priced at 69.99$ and will be available with various retailers all over the globe really soon.

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