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TOPPING Announces A50s Balanced Amplifier & Preamplifier

TOPPING Announces A50s Balanced Amplifier & Preamplifier

We’ve seen many new headphone amplifiers announced in 2020, including the A90L30, and many others. Today, TOPPING officially announced the launch of the new A50s headphone amplifier and preamp designed to complete its 50 series of products, consisting of the D50s DAC and P50 linear power supply. The new A50s delivers higher power output, has lower noise, and features a 4.4mm balanced headphone output.

Meet The New A50s

topping a50s
TOPPING designed the aluminum chassis of the new A50s for maximum durability and heat dissipation. The casing CNC-machined to precision from a solid block of aluminum and accommodates a thermal conductive column. The thermal column transfers the heat generated from the op-amps and power supply to the surrounding aluminum case, dissipating the heat.

Optimized design allows the A50s to maintain its tiny footprint, preserving a good appearance with no seams or visible screws. Aluminum is an excellent material because of its high thermal conductivity and structural strength.

Ultra-High Performance Balanced NFCA Modules

TOPPING A50s NFCA modules

NFCA modules result from TOPPING’s intensive research and development into headphone amplification technology, and the flagship A90 was the first amplifier from TOPPING that incorporated these modules. NFCA modules ensure low noise levels and distortion under all conditions and when used with all headphones.

The A50s leverages TOPPING’s revolutionary NFCA (Nested Feed Composite Amplifier) modules in a balanced configuration. Besides the balanced NFCA modules, A50s also uses ultra high gain feedback (UHGF) technology.

TOPPING A50s Headphone Amplifier Measurement

A revolutionary voltage-current hybrid architecture provides exceptionally low noise and distortion performance. The result is a drastic improvement in sound quality, with no hint of noise or distortion.

The high current output makes the A50s suitable for driving low impedance, while the high voltage output benefits high impedance headphones. A virtually nonexistent ultra-low noise floor of 0.3uV makes the A50s it a superb choice for sensitive IEMs.

High power output, exceptional dynamic range, and an unprecedented ultra-low noise floor allows the TOPPING A50s to deliver a performance unmatched by any other headphone amplifier regardless of its topology.

6.35mm SE & Balanced 4.4mm Outputs

Despite having only single-ended RCA inputs, the TOPPING A50s headphone amplifier’s internal circuitry is internally balanced. The front panel features a 6.35-millimeter single-ended output and a 4.4 -millimeter balanced output.

TOPPING A50s headphone amplifier SE & Balanced outputs

The balanced 4.4mm output of the A50s provides the benefits of balanced headphone output, such as higher power output, high voltage swing, and avoiding any mains noise. Thus, A50s can separately power single-ended headphones through the 6.35mm SE output and balanced headphones via the 4.4mm balanced output.

High-Performance Amplifier & Preamplifier

Besides being a headphone amplifier, the A50s is also a state-of-the-art preamplifier. A pair of single-ended RCA output on the rear panel provides a preamp output connection to a power amplifier or powered speakers, delivering superb performance.

TOPPING A50s amp and preamp

The volume knob on the front panel adjusts the volume of the RCA preamp outputs. The low output impedance of 20 ohms ensures smooth integration with many devices.

Automatic Switching between Amp & Preamp

Unplugging the connected headphones will activate the analog preamp mode of the A50s. Preamp mode switches off the headphone amplifier section of the A50s. Plugging the headphones back in starts the headphone amplifier section deactivates the preamp section, allowing the A50s to allow the A50s to function as a pure headphone amplifier.

TOPPING A50s preamp

Dual Selectable Gain Settings

The gain levels of the A50s allow for easy switching between 0dB/6dB (single-ended) and 6dB/12dB (balanced) using the power/gain switch button on the front panel. The dual gain settings and headphone outputs give users the ability to adjust the headphone amplifier according to their listening preferences.

TOPPING A50s dual gain setting

The noise level for single-ended output is 0.3uVrms and 0.4uVrms in low and high gain, respectively. At all gain settings, the noise floor and dynamic range of the A50s are miles ahead of the competition on all outputs and gain settings.

Power Output @2Vrms & Maximum Power Output

A50s will deliver up to 3.5W of power into 32 ohms & 760mW in 300 ohm loads on its 4.4mm balanced output with both channels driven. When using a source that provides a signal level of 2Vrms, the A50s will output 1950mW into 32 ohms and 208mW into 300 ohms.

TOPPING A50s headphone amplifier specs

Near-Zero-Ohm Output Impedance

The near 0-Ohm output impedance of the A50s produces a high damping factor that minimizes frequency-based reactive-load impedance shifts and ensures a predictable frequency response. The high damping factor ensures adequate control over the connected headphone's drivers, allowing for powerful bass and accurate sound reproduction.

TOPPING A50s amplifier

Pricing & Availability 

The TOPPING A50s is available at $199 and ships with a 15V DC adapter. A separate linear power supply which can improve the performance is also available for purchase.

For more information, click here.https://hifigo.com/products/topping-a50s


A50s giveaway on Hifigo

To celebrate the launch of the new TOPPING A50s amp, Hifigo is giving away one FREE brand new unit of TOPPING A50s linear headphone amplifier to one lucky winner.

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